WoW Picture Library \ Elisabeth and Rudolf Kempe Photo Collection

The WoW picture collections include photographs, original paintings and illustrations, pencil drawings, prints, news cuttings, postcards, stamps, posters and digital image records.

New Additions to the Collection

We have recently been able to dry and then renovate the Elisabeth Kempe Lindermeier photo collection which includes early photographs of Elisabeth and Rudolf Kempe plus many opera singers on stage and off, along with newscuttings about the operas, autographs and opera programmes.

Once the collection was moved to our dry storage conditions we assisted the natural process of drying out using a wide variety of conservation methods.  In conclusion, water and mold make an excellent rotting team that can rot most materials, no matter whether they are animal, vegetable or mineral.  And as Nature breaks things down, so it moves them into an ever reuseable cycle. But with luck, no floods, good storage conditions and no tsunamis, this collection should remain rot free for a very very long time.

Elisabeth and Rudolf Kempe Photo Collection

Land Two – Hydroponics ‘WoW Style’

Rolling out hydroponics at the WoW Field Centre
Volunteers at the WoW Field Centre next year will get a chance to help on the design thinking and early prototypes for ‘LAND TWO’, our first aquaponics unit and our second hydroponics demonstration unit.

Since our charity’s last look at hydroponics, algae farming has become its new ‘green baby’. Some hydroponic farmers produce Green Crude – algae bred for its oil content, whilst others farm algae for use in foodstuffs or in pharmaceuticals.  One of the first algae research facilities in the early 1970’s, managed by Rod Cousins at Scottish Sea Farms, designed vertical plastic tube culture systems – a design change that enabled the industry to farm algae commercially.

The concept of our LAND TWO hydroponics farm has been designed by architect Tim Griffiths who also designed WoW’s first membership certificate and many of our touring exhibitions.

There’s enough space (and water) at our Field Centre for the pilot hydroponics scheme but as you can see from the artist’s impression below, the full LAND TWO farm is going to need more land and more water. We’ll cross that bridge as we near it 😉

If the future of aquaponics, hydroponics and airponics interests you, please volunteer on one of our charity’s ‘Aquaponics Junkyard Challenges‘ and really get to understand how to make aquaponics work  in any conditions, Globally.

The challenge ahead for ALL of us is how to feed the World’s growing population as it soaks up more land for housing.

Let’s work out what we are going to do, together.

LAND TWO Hydroponics Farm