WoW sponsors celebration of steam power

All creatures, be they great or small –
Each Son and every Daughter,
From Mountain Stream
To Powering Steam
Be thankful for Earth’s Water.

Today we’re busy on a water project that may open near the River Severn where steam powered looms made their mark in the 1800’s and where canal boats may soon return.

This afternoon, Grant’s off to do some storytelling with tales of fish trading, water use, food distribution and farming. On the story list is also the comic water poem ‘Useful’ by Graham Foster from ‘Conversations’ (pub.1999)

There’s a little ‘note4u’ slip stuck to the door at the WoW Field Centre saying “Take a wet sponge with you”. No mystery – no problem! It’s to give the Knucklas Viaduct sign a quick clean

WoW was asked if our charity would support this sign a few years ago. For World of Water, it celebrates the 150th Anniversary of how steam power spread train transport into the area and throughout the UK. For Mid-Wales, it’s more to do with a celebration of the opening of the Mid Wales line. If you haven’t travelled it yet, it’s a must-do.

If you are walking the Mid-Wales path that follows this line, look out for WoW’s interpretation sign. You will find it just under the 13 arched viaduct which still carries some special event steam trains high over the beautiful river valley to this very day.



WoW presents ‘Give them the Drum – the story of Telling’

New for festivals, fairs, events and fun times.

Out of the hundreds of stories performed by our charity’s WoW Storyteller, Grant, this one’s got the lot!

If you’ve ever asked questions like “Where did that story come from?”  after hearing how a professional weaver of tales plucks live interactive storylines, seemingly out of thin air or following an audience suggestion, you’ll love the experience and wild excitement surrounding the Tale of Telling.

This is one of our many new tales, developed post-covid for the new times ahead of us all.

Our storywriters are always busy listening to new ideas and exploring new ways of telling tales. One research project we are eager to start on is working with Google Tiltbrush & Microsoft Hologram on virtual reality storytelling environments. But that story, ‘will have to wait ’til later’.

WoW Storytelling works wonders.

In a recent interview during the covid lockdown, Grant said, “I’ll soon be back working with the next generation to evolve their story and we will be doing everything we can to make it a better Blue Planet for them, and for the World’s wildlife too”


The vision behind our storytellings

Being green and of the land is very important to World of Water, but being blue and of the water is vital.

Without water, clean water, the land cannot support our growing population.  If our learning curve remains more shallow than our growth curve, we fail ourselves as a species and deserve to die off.  But if we can develop the skills to balance our place within Nature and grow our understandings and capabilities, our future is in the stars.

Our story as a species is well advanced.
Our potential is vast if we learn to keep our hearts together as one.




Through your enjoyment of our storytelling fun, we raise the funds to progress our charity’s mission and vision. So we are very thankfull to all those who invite us along to support their events and fund raisings.



WoW Storytelling on HoBB TV



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VIEW FULL LIST of WoW stories soon to go live



Are you in Scotland?  Then experience the world of storytelling where legends live and where Daniel Allison has now returned to share his tales. Highly recommended.

In Wales? Look out for update news about the Rhyme & Tell Storytelling club which we hope will start up again post covid.