2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hello again Grant.

    The world can only benefit from your giving us as much information as possible of this nature. I am sure that this site will eventually become a favourite amongst all those who are interested in the subject of CLEAN WATER in the world. I am confident that there will be some useful positive developments on this subject as a result of the information which this site provides to the world.

    I am sure that such a free flow of information increases the potential for ACTION all over the world.

    Best Wishes.

    The one and only John C. Jones

    1. Thanks John

      It takes a long time to create the required changes. In the 19th century, writer and fisheries expert Frank Buckland worked hard to warn the UK government of the growing problems of pollution and overfishing but whilst the “shit wasn’t hitting the fan full-force” the powers that be didn’t raise an eyebrow at the time.

      Problems mount up. Now, these problems are global and they’ll take a lot more effort to put right.
      The free flow of information is essential to increase awareness of all problems. The ACTION of all is essential, to cure them and to halt problems in the making.

      Best thoughts – even better actions.

      <*)))))>< Grant Thanks for joining us on Twitter: @Worldof_Water

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