School Talkabout on: Sharing the Differences







Seashell (Crassostrea gigas) grown in the protective environment of a farm hatchery with a very thin colourful shell form.
Layers and layers of heavily Insulated off white seashell (Ostrea edulis) found growing in the cold wild sea.


The real treasures of this blue planet are the different ones, the special ones like the Mad Hatterpillars and Iron Clad Seashells

All manner of things live and have lived on this Earth home since it became habitable.  Most of them we have never seen alive or heard their sounds. In a School Talkabout, we can safely imagine dinosaurs without the need to bump into any in the school playground.

This blue planet is full of different creatures of different shapes and sizes and it’s a buzz with sub atomic particles, too small to see, but each individual aspect runs its part and at its own unique speed.  For example, as I can run at about 12 km/h.  I can overtake most mountains glacial slides which usually move very slowly and over a long time but I can’t outswim a Mako shark which does 47 mph (76 kph) on a good day,  and absolutely nobody can outrun light which travels through air at about 299,700 km/s – faster through a vacuum.

Living with these and all other differences, makes for a peaceful life. From a distance, in outer space, the Earth looks like a peaceful enough blue planet but it is full of live sparks, bright colours, shades of colours and many human depths without colour.

If the next generation is to live more peacefully with itself and this blue planet whilst solving the environmental problems we’ve caused,  it needs to:

  • value and share different ways
  • culture the unique qualities of individuals
  • respect other species and their habitats
  • learn more about the rhythm of Nature

World of Water is an educational charity so we like to talk about the way forward and to support the big learning process the World needs to adopt. If you feel you would like to support us, let’s diary a get together.