World of Water Publications List Archive 1979

Online, there’s enough data to fill the clouds.

Before internet publishing, WoW published paper leaflets on all manners of watery matters from Rain Soakaways to Benthic Pollution under Salmon Cages, from Overfishing to Lost River Sewers and from Frank Buckland’s Museum of Economic Fish Culture to J.J.Armistead’s First School of Fish Culture.

Some of the leaflets were typed on a master foolscap size stencil during long Winter nights on hatchery watch at Aber Gwen Field Centre and made ready for Gestetner machine duplicating in the morning.

Offline, we’ve still got enough data to sink a small ship.

Whilst World of Water has adopted many paperless ways, so as to keep carbon locked in the useful growth of trees, we still drink from paper and not plastic cups and still type on plastic keyboards rather than the metal keys of our first ‘Imperial Modal 60’ typewriter made by Barlows of Birmingham. (Scroll down for a photo. as the typewriter is still part of our WoW Museum collection)

If you still like paper, cataloging, archiving, collecting and researching, take a break from that digital world and give us a helping hand when you can.