Early WoW Publishing 1978 – 1983

From its beginnings in a converted woollen mill in South Wales, World of Water has grown to be a respected publisher and presenter in print, live and online, with a focus on supporting the work of environmental groups.

With a dynamic, solutions-driven personality we are able to plan publications with you during live workshops, events and meetings, having a strong grasp of capturing message and moments graphically.

Using a range of computer software and online platforms we now liaise with authors, designers, print suppliers, venues, distributors and partners but we started by printing our own publications using a mix of letterpress, stencilling, calligraphy, photocopying, hand binding and illumination.

World of Water qualities

Passion for publishing in print and live
Lateral skill to create solutions
Love of the use of performance to get message across
Grasp of global environmental concerns
Experience of project management
Ability to share, link and work across a wide team
An innovative way with typesetting  and graphic layout
Experience of illustration, storyboarding, writing and performance.
Net savvy