Request a WoW School Talkabout

emails are OK. Hand written letters are something special.

Here’s a couple – one from a teacher confirming a booking of a World of Water Talkabout back in 1983, and the other  from our collection of illustrated ‘thank you’ letters from 1976 following a school visit:

Whether you write to us or email to arrange your next school talkabout, we’ll cherish your words.

In a classroom, at an event
On location, in a tent.

Let’s talk about things
That we all need –
Clean water
Clean air
Clean land
Healthy food
Safe shelter
Friendly community.

Our school talkabouts bring together your teachings with everybody’s thoughts on the future. There’s no better time to talk about tomorrow than today.

Start the conversation

Our favourite topic might be water but as water flows through all topics, we can talkabout your subject too.

Here are some printouts to share around: