NEWSeum of Re-Design, Decomposition and Decay, but not necessarily in that order

“As sure as I am standing here,
One day I will disappear”

(Lyrics by Brian Copsey)

And the same can be said of Planet Mars,
all the stars –
And for what it’s worth,
Planet Earth.

Thankfully, stuff that seems permanent changes very slowly – so slow we may never notice it. Quick-change people can be far faster.

So whether you’re into Heraclitus of Ephesus, known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe,  or you prefer the bluntness of Benjamin Franklin’s  When you are finished changing, you are finished”,  it makes sense to study and understanding change in all its ways.

In the NEWSeum of Decay, Decomposition & Re-design there are many change exhibits. The ones that can’t be shared any more all changed too fast. Sorry. Slower changers remain almost unchanged – there’s a range to enjoy.

An exhibit like ‘raw clay sculpt under dripping tap’ changes whilst you’re watching it – even faster than Damien Hirst’s powerful piece that addresses this change concept titled ” A Thousand Years”.

Here’s a taster, but remember, none of these remain as photographed here:

Turn 90 degrees CW I think
Very dusty cobwebs


Comments welcome
Comments welcome

Comments welcome