Space Water on Planet ‘A’

It’s the ultimate escape to leave our worries behind us to find pastures anew but  the Hubble and James Webb telescopes confirm that although Space Water is out there, it’s all frozen or in gas form.

So, as there’s no Planet B, we have to sort everything out here on Earth. Which means we have to learn to use and re-use everything we have and waste nothing.

Whether you are Dorothy, Alice, Armstrong or Shackleton, every adventure is accompanied with the hope of getting home to safety. But if home becomes unsafe and full of toxic waste, no dream can bring it back. We must be the generation that turns things around to keeps this planet ‘home sweet home’.

As we launch rockets to new heights, base camp one, the Earth, must be secured as a safe place for ourselves and all fellow Earth Life.

People, plants and even moon jellyfish go on Space flights but whether you are away from home in an International Space Station or in a Spaceship, you know that “there’s no place like home”. But for this to continue, people, plants, and probably those moon jellyfish too, need to know that back on Earth we are doing everything we can to keep this planet habitable and safe.

Soon, astronauts will be on Mars, maybe Europa, and likely further afield. They may need to stay away for many years. They will need to know there’s a home to come home to.  Back on Earth, we musn’t let the future adventurers down by failing to maintain their home and our Earth home.

Those adventurers are out there looking for unpolluted water. More details at Oceanworld.
There are engineers on Earth looking at the possibility of using frozen water under the surface of Planet Mars, to create Martian Ice Houses.
Space Water is everywhere but that too might contain toxic pollutants.

No matter where or how pollutants occur, we need to learn how to remove them. It’s a knowledge future generations will learn over and over again for the rest of time so long as our generation keeps on top of the pollution problem and learns how to keep our demands on the water cycle in balance with its capability to support life.

We can’t let our ancestors down and we must not put a spanner in the works of our children’s future.

That’s why the World of Water charity exists. To ensure tomorrow is balanced. To make sure that whenever we upset the balance of Nature, we rebalance it. It’s simple good home management of a home planet.  Come on World – let’s link arms and minds on this shared aim and stop doing things that are not in the best interests of tomorrow.

“Each generation are caretakers of the moment and must work as any other good maintenance team does. There’s enough understanding of how to live through natural disasters but we have very little understanding of how we can survive the problems we cause ourselves. There are no guidance books from the future that can magically be sent back in time to warn us of any mistakes we are about to make, so we have to proceed with care. There are endless accounts of the damage we have been doing to this planet for centuries, and now, as the cracks in the Natural system begin to show and widen, we must ‘wake up and smell the coffee’  “.   (Grant)

Blue Planet Thinking. (WOW Library. Sketch by Jon Mitchell for the UK’s first Green Show)