Out of this world and into the next

“It’s the ultimate escape game to leave ourselves and journey into any unknown, in the knowledge that we can always return to the safety of home.
Whether you are Dorothy, Alice, Armstrong or Shackleton, every adventure is accompanied with the hope of getting back to a home reality. 

If we are intent on going to new heights beyond the Moon, our base camp, this Earth, must be secured as a safe home or there’s no going back.  At present, we can send people, plants and even moon jellyfish on Space flights in the knowledge that they can, in their own way, keep saying “there’s no place like home”. But for this to continue, they also need to know that back on Earth we are doing everything we can to keep this planet ‘home sweet home’.

If we let the future adventurers down and we don’t maintain our Earth home, they will not have a quality base camp to call home.

Each generation are caretakers of the moment and must work as any other good maintenance team does. There’s enough understanding of how to live through natural disasters but we have very little understanding of how we can survive the problems we cause ourselves. There are no guidance books from the future that can magically send back in time to warn us of any mistakes we are about to make so we have to proceed with care. There are endless accounts of the damage we have been doing to this planet for centuries and now, as the cracks in the Natural system begin to show, we must ‘wake up and smell the coffee’  “.   (Grant)