Keeping the water of the World ‘fit for purpose’


World of Water is a Registered Charity with a global mission on its plate – to help keep the World’s water
clean and ‘fit for healthy life’.

We all live on a very special ‘blue planet’. Just one third of the World’s surface is covered by land, the rest is life-giving water.

The World’s people tackle some very big missions,  e.g. Global Peace, Save Endangered Species, Cure Disease, Sustain Growth, Stop Injustice …. the list goes on, but it’s of little  or no worth if we end up polluting the very waters that keep us alive.

Founded in 1978 at Aber Gwen Fish Farm,  World of Water (WOW) explores mankind’s use and demands upon water and works to generate an ‘attitude shift’ from seeing water as just another human resource,  to understanding that Water is far more than a resource, it is the vital element and the Key to all Life.

We are all water consumers.

Every drink we take,
every bit of food that we eat,
every breath we inhale and
every move we make
depends upon water, and,
for good health,
this water must be kept clean.

It’s a bit late in the day to lobby all existing adults on the Planet to effect change but it is the responsibility of all adults to teach every child, by good example,  to conserve and replenish so future generations can inherit and enjoy a beautiful World and the life it offers.

“Where there is (clean) water, life.
Where there is life, hope.
Where there is hope, strength.
Where there is strength, – FUTURE.”

(Native American proverb)

“There is a war, a war far bigger than any before and it rages now. It is a war between those who care and those who do not. World of Water are fighting for a healthy life on a healthy planet  and we will continue to fight against the pressure from those who show no love of Mother Earth. Caught up in this fight are the ‘ignorant’ – those who damage without understanding the result. For the good of all, we must reach these and educate them. It is time to win in every way, time to live in balance with Nature, time to bring everyone together to care for the well being of our World Home” 
( The Late Joyce Latham Elam. Co-Founder)


This World of Water statement above from one of our founders omits to mention how to win the ‘war’, however, we hope the pages of our web site go some way to showing the wins we are making at ‘World of Water’.

It’s never enough and we always want to do far more than we are. We need to work alongside more ‘Earth Carers’ and spread the word that there is hope thus strength for the future.

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