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. Picture taken by Irene de Boo – once a near neighbour when World of Water was based in Birmingham

Water Supply and Sewage

As far as we understand, current water treatment methods like Oxidation with Hypochlorous Acid or peracetic acid and inactivation by ultraviolet irradiation, as well as chlorine, are enough to kill Covid-19 but the virus can remain infectious for several days in sewage and drinking water.

Sneezing and Coughing

(Video presented by Mathematical physicist Lydia Bourouiba, head of the Fluid Dynamics of Disease Transmission Laboratory at MIT)

If you feel a sneeze coming, use the bend of your arm to catch it or clothing and not your hands as hands tranfer the virus onto hand rails, handles and shop packaging .  A sneeze can also travels over 10mph so can easily project any virus, carrying up to 100,000 microscopic water droplets around a lift or small room. That’s why meetings should be outdoors for extra safety.

A cough can travels over 5mph and transfer around 3,000 little water droplets into the air if not stopped by a tissue or face mask. Use both,

So we all #staysafe as possible, we have decided to close our field centre in Wales and note that Welsh Water has closed its sites, reservoirs and lakes to all members of the public (including walking, sailing, angling and any land or water-based activities).  Updates from Dŵr Cymru Cyf, Welsh Water at

We hope you’ll visit our tweets at and say hello online until this virus is under more control.