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WoW Privacy Policy Review May 2018

Privacy Policy

In the light of the 2018 law changes, we have,  as required of our charity, reviewed the way we know who we know and the personal way we keep in touch with helpful people.

We have always resisted the march of common progress to ‘go digital’ and treat friends and helpful people as data therefore we have never used a mailchimp, never clumlobbed a group of email addresses into a pack of blind carbon copies and never thought of anyone as a number. Now, in May 2018, we find that we are in the favourable position of not needing to change a thing in order to comply with the new law. However, as we enjoy evolving the future, we are going to do a few fresh things that might interest our supporters:

We are going to be more ‘privacy aware‘  – from both a water and waterlife perspective. From a human sanitation perspective this could translate to being more privy aware or from an Australian fashion viewpoint, perhaps more privvy aware.

We will keep our water-watching eye on the subject of privacy (privy see?) and keep flowing important water news and waterlife information to the public via our Twitter.

We will also pay more attention to the message inside the logo designed for the WikiLeaks website.

So thank you to the new data privacy law makers for making us see how future-proof we have been and still are – although there was rather a lot to read just to discover this.

A final note on WordPress Personal Data Export and Erasure

Firstly, it is good to know that if, in the future, our charity trustees ever vote to communicate in a non person-to-person manner using mass handling software like ‘mailchimp’ then this wordpress website  has the tools to tackle both personal data export and any erasure requests.




World of Water updated Charity CODE (12th year. 3rd Edn.)

We’ve just received the latest news ‘Update Charity CODE (12th year. 3rd Edn.)’ from the UK Charity Commissioners who ask that every UK charity updates its charity code on the following seven points: “Organisational purpose; Leadership; Integrity; Decision-making, risk and control; Board effectiveness; Diversity; Openness and accountability.”

Here’s WoW’s updated Charity CODE (12th year. 3rd Edn.)

1. Organisational purpose

Although the death of Joyce Latham-Jesse, the Charity’s last surviving co-founder and Vice President, has extinguished a great star from our sky, the board continues to progress the charity’s founding aims. The effective delivery of these is now assured and sustainable following a legacy of restricted funds from the Latham-Jesse Estate.

2. Leadership

On our charity’s board we have three of the original trustees who, combined with newer trustees, are thus well versed in ensuring the charity’s founding strategic aims and values.

3. Integrity

The World of Water board continues to uphold its long established moral values and works daily to create a better community culture so as to support all individuals and organisations working to achieve its global charitable purpose. The board works to build the public’s confidence and trust in World of Water’s charity aims and in every way it develops those aims into actions and results.

4. Decision-making, risk and control

The decision-making processes of the board benefit from ongoing daily research designed to shield World of Water from high risk. In 2017 we celebrated thirty years of timely and effective delegation, excellent quality control, careful risk assessment and applying the very skills of sustainable management systems that have allowed us to make succh good progress, on a global basis, from our registration as a charity to the present day.

5. Board effectiveness

As the board’s effectiveness is continually under threat from fast-moving developments in technology, business and politics, every opportunity is taken to attend CPD sessions. Our board presently contains a very good range of skills, experience, backgrounds and knowledge to make informed decisions and knows that it needs to attract new trustees with new skills so as to maintain it’s aims as the world’s water problems evolve.

6. Diversity

To achieve ‘peak clean water’, fit-for-purpose, World of Water takes a diverse approach to supporting and achieving its aims. The charity’s aims dominate. This diverse approach will result in our charity’s effectiveness, create the leadership required to bring about global results and create decision-makers who have the needs of ALL – creatures great AND small, in their hearts.

7. Openness and accountability. The wording of the Charity CODE (12th year. 3rd Edn. Section 7.) says “The board leads the organisation in being transparent and accountable. The charity is open in its work, unless there is good reason for it not to be.” (Quote)

World of Water’s goal is openly stated – to reach the point when the entire Water Cycle, through everything and everyone, including you, is kept at the highest quality possible at all times.

Our charity is transparently against damaging the vital quality of water.

We are open in the way we go about convincing ALL, that our aims need to be mirrored by ALL.

As a charity, we are accountable to all and as we know our aims are for the benefit of all, we expect all to support us. Yup – high hopes.

In the words of R.O.R.E. “We all live downstream” and so, we are all accountable to each other.

Let’s open the books and really see what can be done, by everyone, on this uniquely vital one world aim.

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