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Whanganui River

In 2012, an agreement to grant legal personhood to the Whanganui River was signed between the New Zealand government and the Whanganui River Māori Trust.

Had a look at the conditions along the Cleddau Estuary, where in February 1996 the Sea Empress ran aground, and picked up a copy of “Sea Empress. Animism Edition” at Caffe Vista in which I read this good news:

“In 2014 the New Zealand government gave up formal ownership of the Te Urewera national park and granted the land with the status of personhood, that is a legal entity with “all the rights, powers, duties and liabilities of a legal person”.

This is too interesting a development to ignore so here this news sits as we debate whether the World’s Ocean should be granted with the status of ‘personhood’. Let’s continue the debate.

Highest Waterfall in Wales

I’d like to share this WoW trip with you, to the highest waterfall in Wales after a lot of rainfall: