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Our Founding Trustees

Our founding Trustees and Trusted Volunteers knew a thing or two about the high seas and fishcakes

Backrow, from left to right:  Trevor Hinds (Volunteer); Andrea Russell (Our first Secretary);  Anthony Grana-Priego (recovering cake-eating patient) ;  Sister Chris Churchill; Trevor Wilson (Trustee);  Tommy Burn (Fish cake expert); Wendy Tabrizi (Trustee)

Front row, from left to right:  Grant K.Jessé (Trustee) looking more like a fish, and then, a cake looking more like a fish thanks to the students of Birmingham College of Food, Tourism and Creative Studies.

Behind the camera – or somewhere equally as sensible at the time, Tim Griffiths (Trustee)

A warm welcome to our most recent Trustee , Titania Veda ,who originally joined us as a volunteer at our Field Centre:

And yes, Wendy’s left eye, and in fact, Wendy’s right eye, has been trending at World of Water continually since the hospital cake visit and we can confirm they are both in very fine full working order – as this photo on loan from the Aston University Business School site shows clearly:

Are you a curator, librarian, sculptor ? Then enter “Yes” here & volunteer

Librarian/ Curator

As we need to move our handwritten catalogue of collections into the cloud, it’s time for someone with a very clear, almost librarian mind, to volunteer their skills and to make sure all items are searchable and shareable with other collections. If that’s you, please come and visit for a while and create some greater order around the place.  Thank you.

Song Writer / Musician

And if you happen to be a Song Writer, Comedy Writer, Membership Sec., Committee Member or Patron, let’s make waves together!


We have four more pillars to carve in concrete and we want a sculpting enthusiast to make their mark at our Field Centre. Contact us as soon as you are available. Thank you.