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Spring Greens Fair School Days

World of Water Sponsors Three School Days to celebrate Spring Greens Fair 10th Anniversary  [2008 – 2018]


Family-friendly event, exploring innovative skills & ideas,
activities & experimentation in sustainable lifestyles & livelihoods.

Full details: Spring Greens Fair website>

We first discovered Spring Greens Fair in 2014 when Water was it’s theme.

Visit the winner of the Waterscapes photoshoot
and the Compost Toilets under construction

School Days were attended by four local Primary Schools (Almeley, Shobdon, Gladestry and Dilwyn) one High School (Lady Hawkins) and around 7 Home Educated Children with their parents. School activities included river dipping and the construction of a model village that included a display of the elf houses WoW produced for the English Literacy Foundation’s primary reader series.

Spring Greens Fair took part in the Hereford River Carnival alongside the River Wye.

World of Water at Spring Greens Fair 2017 / Gallery 
Eight schools this year and also, double the number of activities. Thank you to the organisers of Spring Greens Fair for inviting World of Water again and an even bigger thank you to each of the school groups from Almeley, Shobdon, Gladestry, Dilwyn, Pembridge, Eardisley, Kington and Staunton-on-Wye.

Nine schools added their enthusiasm to this year’s Spring Greens Fair. Thank you to all the school groups and their teachers from Presteigne, Dilwyn, Gladestry, Shobden, Kington, Clifford, Almeley, Eardisley and Pembridge.


In 2019, World of Water returned to do six school workshops and as the theme of the Fair was Air, we arranged a big clue hunt with clues ranging from the weight of rain clouds, the watery origins of crude oil and the harvesting of green crude for air travel.

2020 onwards

Spring Greens Fair is now “under the encouragement and care of Edward & Emma Bulmer & family ” and WoW introduces Waterman Talkabouts for your School days.

Date for your 2023 diary Sunday 30th April from 10am – 6pm



Dedicated to Noah. Researcher ‘extraordinaire’!

Behold the tortoise that only makes progress when it sticks its neck out

We recently received this letter :

“My name is Chloe and I am an online teacher for an alternative learning program for a special group of kids where we have been discussing about nature and wildlife and while looking for information, we came across your web page and we wanted to say thank you! One of my students, Noah, did some research and sent in an article. I want to show the increasingly large group of students that they can accomplish things if they aren’t afraid to come out of their shells and simply ask, especially while being in so much isolation these days! Please let me know if you’d be willing to help so I can share the exciting news with them!”

Thank you in advance!


Chloe Wagner. Teacher | Advisor. Learning Haven

Thank you Chloe and thank you Noah

Keep going.  The future is reached one step at a time, with a forward thought and usually into the unknown. Nobody knows what the future holds and that makes its potential far greater than anything the past has ever created.

Be excited. Excite the World with your enthusiasm.