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WoW on the topic of AIR in 2019 after our successful Schools Outreach workshops with nine schools in 2018

UPDATE 2019:
World of Water returned to do six school workshops at Court of Noke prior to the Spring Greens Fair weekend 2019. As the theme of the Fair was Air, we arranged a big onsite clue hunt with clues ranging from the weight of rain clouds, the watery origins of crude oil and the harvesting of green crude for air travel.

The H20bservatory was full of WaterWatchers at Spring Greens Fair this year as nineĀ  schools took part in four workshops designed to explore the world ahead for ‘The Next Generation’

World of Water was one of the sponsors for this year’s workshops and we designed and created specially themed take-home packs for further study. Grant, our co-founder, volunteered to be ‘Artist-in-Residence’ and produced a series of infographics for the organisers during workshops on Yoga, Lexicons, Food miles and Recycling.

WoW created the first take-back-to-school education packs for Spring Greens Fair School Days which included samples of construction materials through the ages along with drawings and photographs to support further school work on the theme of the Fair – ‘The Idealistic Home’

You can support our charity’s Schools Outreach Programme by making a donation. Please contact us for a giftaid form if you are a UK tax payer as the extra giftaid help is much valued. Thank you.

School Talkabout on the Hidden World of Drains

If we ‘sweep things under the carpet’ we don’t see them. We can ‘sweep’ dust, hard-to-handle news, crime, data, pollution and in Victorian London, whole rivers out of site.

But … as out-of-site becomes out-of-mind, we forget, and in doing so, problems can build up to a massive size – bigger than giant fatbergs in water drains.

As World of Water campaign to keep problems which affect water and waterlife from being buried, every School Talkabout brings to the surface some shareable mind opening issues needing World attention.

Share your class thoughts with us and we’ll share our understandings. Together we’ll clean up the environment for all.