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Latest sightings of the Ancient Water Keepers

Tues, 11 Apr 2006, 20:27 – Reply to John C. Jones from Grant

It was wonderful to see a link to this WoW site from the Middle Wales Llandoddie Site.

There’s a lot going on in Llandrindod Wells recently with the latest sightings of the Ancient Water Keepers.

A second book has been published and I must get over there (with Camera) and see if I can sight any for sharing with you. It would be a scoop and a half to get the first ever photograph of a Llandoddie onto the World of Water Web Site. And next year maybe, the first interview with one.

All best wishes and thank you again John.


P.S. Like your new site’s link to the Tidal Power developements at Hales Turbines

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