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Water in the Printing Industry

With the shift to digital textile printing,  there will be a water saving .

Claims are high.  Saving could be as high as 600% according to some reports.

Meanwhile,  back at the World of Water Museum, we’ve been putting together a display of exhibits all to do with the water footprint of the print industry.  Here are some of the exhibits :


Drink it. Wear it. New ways to curb water pollution from the textile industry.

As the ocean microfiber count increases with every daily wash of synthetic clothing, the water pollution caused by washing and dyeing textiles during production may soon be on the decrease.

If you always buy printed fabrics you could be helping the textile industry to shed its reputation of being one of the World’s biggest water polluters.

The new Designer Labels are print-on-demand. What Amazon did for books, companies like Kornit are doing for clothing.

Art Gallery display of a folded and framed shirt & knotted tie using a printed material with a design theme of classic wine bottle labels

Gone are the days of holding stock of garments in the hope they will all sell before the fashion for them changes. Today, creative designers can upload their daily designs directly to textile printers and dryers that output within minutes. Clothing can be made up instantly and despatched same day.

Best of all, the printer inks are water based and with print-on-demand clothing, it might lower energy use, create less waste and a growing selection of unique fashions.

All we have to hope for now is that the designers, fashion houses, buyers and printers all prefer natural fibes over synthetic.