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Harvesting Water

We’ve spent a while over the last month working on ways to recycle and harness our field centre’s water.

There will be ten water stores for : Spring Water; Rainwater; Pond Water; Road Run-off Water; U.V.Filtered Water; Conditioned Water that recycled through our hydroponic unit; Grey Water; Foul Water; Borehole Water and Brook Water.

This diagram (below) is our first infographic to show how each supply will move around site from tanks through ponds and into osier beds. It looks a bit complex but on site, all supply and distribution lines are now underground and the next job is to make the tanks merge with the landscape … beautifully.

The Clean H20 domain is used by a stream … but one of air

Ed: I wonder if this company would sponsor the two 1m lengths of very flexible air ducting (Possibly PU/PW 200-250 O ) required to construct the legs of our Mascot, BookBod ? (BookBod Mascot helps us in our Storytelling work with school groups and other interesting organisations)


Water Manipulated – or is it Air? You might think that an air stream company would register something like airstream dot com rather than H2O dot com – but John’s been doing a bit of research that discovers otherwise … >>> FromĀ  John C. Jones Hello Everybody. The following website might be of interest to you. It belongs to a LOCAL COMPANY by the name of AIRSTREAM ENVIRONMENTAL LTD.

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