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Victorian Aquaduct Survey Tower

In the forest above ‘Fishpools’ near Bleddfa, Wales, is this Water Pipeline Survey Tower – one of many built to survey the 73 miles of aquaduct route carrying fresh water from the Elan Valley to Birmingham, UK.








An exhibition on the building of this aquaduct will be on display @KnightonMuseum after Christmas (2019).



More details, visit Elan Valley and see and click on ‘Walking the Pipe’

Harvesting Water

We’ve spent a while over the last month working on ways to recycle and harness our field centre’s water.

There will be ten water stores for : Spring Water; Rainwater; Pond Water; Road Run-off Water; U.V.Filtered Water; Conditioned Water that recycled through our hydroponic unit; Grey Water; Foul Water; Borehole Water and Brook Water.

This diagram (below) is our first infographic to show how each supply will move around site from tanks through ponds and into osier beds. It looks a bit complex but on site, all supply and distribution lines are now underground and the next job is to make the tanks merge with the landscape … beautifully.