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The Power of Snow

This morning, snow covered the World of Water Field Centre and the weight of it on the bare tree branches brought some of them crashing to the ground, one narrowly missing the car – ah the power of Water!

Amidst today’s equally snowy news from Chester and the one and only John C. Jones, was a link to the weightly and powerful SWANSEA TIDAL LAGOON project – a neat video-clip can be accessed via the ‘FILM’ tab on the project’s website.

We are just changing our site and mail server but nipping in before our two day downtime was a mail from Turbine King, Paul Hales who’s water turbine results seem to be matching his water’s flow-speed, sure and steady. We are all having a lot of fun doing whatever we can to help.

Today is World Water Day, so let’s make a splash and celebrate this essential under-loved resource. Clean Water is not guaranteed and we need to stand together to make sure that it’s not contaminated by fracking activities, neglect of supply infrastructure, agricultural run-off, industrial mismanagement and outdated attitudes. We can do all that’s needed to ensure a clean water environment if we wise-up and develop new ways to tackle global water abuse. Those new cleaner ways need support from everyone. Accept the challenge and always be part of the solution.