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Who killed Lake Karachay in Russia?

Power ‘at any cost’ turned one lake on this planet into a concentrated open-air store for radioactive sediments.

Now, Lake Karachay is not a lake, it is a dead tank.
It is an example of what people can do to their home planet.
It is an example of what goes wrong in the minds and hearts of people.
It is a result of ultimate power-seeking – at any cost.

Who killed Lake Karachay? We all did.
As a species, we self-damage.
As consumers, we buy into battles and support the growth of power.

“Not me!” I hear you say. However, think again. If you support anything that creates a future less than ideal, you are part of the problem. 

Who rules over the fate of your planet home, your family planet?

Are the sort of people who started to kill Lake Karachay  [Western Russian]  in 1951, still wrecking your home? Until we all see the whole planet as our one home and we all become great home-keepers, together, we are living-at-risk; at risk of being homeless and as dead as Lake Karachay.

Getting on well together and caring for the global environment is not just some weird green fancy, it is the route we have to take if we want any chance of perpetual growth. We’ve got thus far as a species and to get further we need a clean healthy planet base.

Lake Karachay was once full of lifeforms which once called it ‘home’  – Planet Earth is presently full of lifeforms calling it home. Let’s wise-up, clean-up and get our act together, TOGETHER.

… and big thanks to the one and only Lucas Wyrsch for alerting World of Water to the present situation over at Lake Karachay.

W.C.W.C. World Clean Water Campaign

“Worldwide, the Campaign grows, and it needs to grow until everybody knows exactly how important clean water in the environment is for our future, and for the future of all life on this blue planet.

If we keep polluting the sea, the rivers that feed into it, and the rain that keeps the soils fertile, then we will ultimately pollute ourselves into global bad health.

Pollution has been building up and up around this planet since the start of the industrial revolution and we have not been able to cap the amount, and wide variety of pollutants, so Nature can cope with them.  We have also been creating new materials like plastics which pollute in ways that are new to Nature – ways that will cause the natural world centuries of hardship unless we help to clean up our rubbish and adapt our production methods to stop pollutants and the damage they cause.

This means changing our consumer ways too and working closely with all those developing ways to recycle and achieve a balanced blue-green economy for  people, and a balanced blue-green environment for all air, land and aquatic life”        (Grant)

Make sure your clean drop in the ocean counts. Combine it with everyone’s.

W,C,W.C.   World Clean Water Campaign archive site