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Collections Policy

Collections Policy

1. Purpose

The Collections Policy of the World of Water (WOW) charity outlines the principles and procedures governing the management, care, and use of the organization’s collections. It aims to ensure the preservation, accessibility, and scholarly value of the collections for present and future generations.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all objects, artifacts, specimens, documents, and materials acquired, owned, or held by the WOW charity as part of its collections.

3. Acquisition

3.1. Criteria for Acquisition: The WOW charity acquires items that are relevant to its mission of promoting water awareness and education. Items may be acquired through donation, purchase, bequest, or exchange. (See Aquisition Policy)

3.2. Documentation: All acquisitions are documented according to established procedures, including recording provenance, condition assessments, and legal documentation.

4. Documentation and Cataloging

4.1. Cataloging Standards: The WOW charity maintains comprehensive records for all items in its collections, following recognized cataloging standards and protocols.

4.2. Digital Catalog: A digital catalog is in preparation to provide international online access to collection information for researchers, scholars, and the public.

5. Preservation and Conservation

5.1. Preservation: The WOW charity is committed to preserving the integrity and longevity of its collections through appropriate environmental controls, handling procedures, and storage conditions.

5.2. Conservation: Conservation treatments are undertaken by qualified professionals to stabilize and repair items as necessary, following ethical and best practice guidelines.

6. Access and Use

6.1. Access Policies: Access to the collections is provided for research, educational, and exhibition purposes, subject to relevant policies and procedures.

6.2. Loans: The WOW charity may loan items from its collections to other institutions for temporary exhibitions or research purposes, following established loan agreements and conditions.

7. Deaccessioning and Disposal

7.1. Criteria for Deaccessioning: Items may be considered for deaccessioning if they no longer align with the mission and goals of the WOW charity, are redundant, or pose preservation risks.

7.2. Ethical Considerations: Deaccessioning decisions are made with careful consideration of ethical guidelines, legal requirements, and the interests of donors and stakeholders.

7.3. At WOW, we value every artifact and contribution to our Collections. In the event that we receive duplicate items or are approached by another heritage collection with offers to buy, borrow, or exchange artifacts, rest assured that we carefully assess each opportunity.

Our policy prioritizes preserving the integrity and uniqueness of our Collections while also considering the potential educational and research value of external offers. We approach such decisions with the utmost diligence, ensuring that any actions taken align with our commitment to water conservation and public awareness.

9. Governance and Review

9.1. Responsibility: The Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the implementation of this policy and ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

9.2. Review: Our Collections Policy is subject to periodic review and revision to reflect changes in best practices, organizational priorities, and legal requirements.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all individuals and organizations considering contributing to the World of Water (WOW) Collections. Your generosity and support are instrumental in furthering our mission to promote water awareness and conservation.

If you are considering donating, lending, or collaborating with us in any capacity, we encourage you to reach out and contact us to discuss how your contribution aligns with our goals and initiatives.

Together, we can make a significant impact in safeguarding our precious water resources for current and future generations.”

Grant Jessé, Trustee, World of Water. UK Registered Charity No. 327188 and a not for profit Company limited by Guarantee No. 2023668.

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