WoW Storytelling

Our Charity’s own story will include the celebration of its 40th year in December 2018.

Over the next ten years, we will be working with the next generation to evolve their story and we will be doing everything we can to make it a better Blue Planet for all life.

Being green and of the land is very very important, but being blue and of the water is vital.

Without water, clean water, the land cannot support our growing population.  If our learning curve remains more shallow than our growth curve, we fail ourselves as a species and deserve to die off.  But if we can develop the skills to balance our place within Nature and grow our understandings and capabilities, our future is in the stars.

Our story is well advanced.

Our potential is vast.

Our hearts need to be together.



WoW Sponsors Spring Greens Fair School Days

World of Water are proud to be sponsors of the three School Days prior to the 10th Anniversary Year
~2008 – 2018~


Local showcase for your inspiring, enjoyable & healthy solutions
to the difficult social, environmental & economic issues which confront us regionally, nationally & globally.

Family-friendly event, exploring innovative skills & ideas,
activities & experimentation in sustainable lifestyles & livelihoods.

Open to Public Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th May 2018
Full details: Spring Greens Fair website>

We first discovered Spring Greens Fair in 2014 when Water was it’s theme.

Visit the winner of the Waterscapes photoshoot
and the Compost Toilets under construction

Schools were invited to take part in the Fair which included river dipping

Spring Greens Fair took part in the Hereford River Carnival alongside the River Wye.

World of Water at Spring Greens Fair / Gallery