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Well Restoration Campaign / Kington’s missing ‘W’

After years of road renovation in the centre of Kington, the ‘W’ which once marked the site of the medieval town well, is now buried under layers and layers of resurfacing material.

Join our campaign to bring back Kington’s ‘W’.

Water is important and if we hide it away, it makes it very difficult to check on its quality and keep it clean. In medieval Kington, the town’s water well was at the centre of the town and it created a social meeting place for the exchange of news and ideas.

On a wall close to the site, a sign reads :

Nearly all campaigns take a lot of enthusiasm and often pressure to see them through. If you have a bit of both, let’s get together at Border Bean to work out what needs to be done to return this famous Kington road mark.

We’re physical beings and we are flexing our limits

We’re physical beings and we are flexing our limits

Today, our human population grows.
Tomorrow? Who really knows.
We do know that space on Earth is limited.
Space in Space seems roomy enough but low on some vital essentials.
What’s the solution? What’s the recipe?

Let’s find it, on Earth, the place of our birth.

We need lots of answers and our charity is working to find those that will be of use to all. We are a research charity and an educational charity with our heart devoted to avoiding global poverty – poverty of body and mind that will come at us from every angle if we mess-up this planet.

That mess-up has started.
The situations creating it have to be stopped.
The people creating the situations need re-wiring.

Add your voice – we’re building a tide of influence and need you. Not sure how to go about it? Introduce yourself – we’d like to help you.

You can do this by emailĀ  (see image below)


or if you prefer, make a comment, either privately or for us to publish and share, by visiting our comments page . Please make sure you type 061 at the beginning of your comment to grab our attention and show us you’re for real. Thanks.


On behalf of the Trustees of World of Water.
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