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World Clean Water Campaign



Champion of Health,
Environmental and
Educational Work

Great Campaigner
and Professional

BookBod helps to bring important issues like the World Clean Water Campaign into popular prominence.

BookBod Facts

Early versions of BookBod were drawn by the very talented UK cartoonist, Jon Mitchell (Now with Ragdoll Prod. of 'Rosie & Jim' and  'Teletubbies' fame)

"Environmental Charities need to gain maximum attention because they work for all of us. BookBod is here to help. World Society is at the moment, partite and it may remain so.  However, there is one thing that all parties must agree upon and act together to ensure -  a clean planet.
Water is not partite. For healthy life, this one 'shared water' needs to be kept clean and available. The World must tackle this most crucial job, acting as 'one'. There is no single more important issue than to  ensure Planet Earth remains able to support life - healthy life".

(above) Original drawing by John Mitchell following the first sighting of BookBod

(above) Portrait of BookBod after the work of Fleur Easom, Artist and sculptor.

(above) Wax of BookBod's Head at the Castle Fine Arts Foundry

This TOP environmental health message
needs promoting to ALL with your help.

Invite BookBod
to help

  BookBod  LIVE, is now available in 'person' for your events, to help you raise funds and awareness of your group's Health, Environmental and Educational work.
'BookBod' is a fun 'Data Gathering Character', specially developed to provide a bit of 'magic to your message', so get in touch with BookBod now, introduce yourself, and tell us about your Event plans.

Please spread the word and talk about BookBod

to your friends.

Thank  You

BookBod visits Milliner and Costume Maker, Kay Wilton, for the first fitting of his new cloak and new hat made with the kind help of Craig Denston

Inside the Wandmaker's Workshop where a selection of fresh grown wands await BookBod's inspection.

ACTION: Arrange a BookBod Party that has a environmental theme and we can email you LIVE during the Party, by arrangement, to send our best wishes - a rare chance to put any questions you have to WoW directly LIVE!! Contact us for some fun party thoughts and find out about our BookBod Party Packs.

BookBod was first brought to 'life' in 3D by the skilled UK modelmaker Dave Yarwood.

'BookBod' is actually child height, but walks tall on legs that have been magically created from stacks of books, videos, CD's, DVD's and magazines.

ACTION:   BookBod, the Champion Supporter of great causes, is now available 'in person' for live promotional work that fits in with the Educational, Environmental and Health messages of WoW.

ACTION: If you enjoy telling and listening to live stories, visit the Storytelling Café for details of the Birmingham Festival of Storytelling.

ACTION: 'BookBod' gets ahead by using the support of those tall legs of books, Videos, DVD's etc. so we need to discover publishers, broadcasters and media outlets keen to promote Health, Environmental and Educational messages.
You can help by creating some opportunities to use 'BookBod' and by mentioning this new champion of education to friends and work colleagues as you never know who may be listening.

Thank you for spreading the word as it ALL helps

This 'BookBod' project has been
put together by a great team ....

The BookBod Team

Funding: Joyce Latham

Sculpting: Fleur Easom
Costume: Kay Wilton
Leg Towers: David Yarwood
Puppeteer: Grant Jessé

Ideas input: Helen Wallis; Steve Watts (Creative Fibre Glass); Rooks Books; Peter Scott; Paul Stanley;

With assistance
Craig Denston

Materials Sponsor:
J. Hewit & Sons

Suppliers: Castle Fine Arts;

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