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World Clean Water Campaign

It's great to get
'Thanks' , but it is
even greater to
'Give Thanks'.

We give thanks daily to all those who have helped our work in so many ways and we give thanks to 'Water' for all it does.

The more we work, the bigger grows our 'Thank You List'.
It will expand until all People of this Planet are helping eachother to keep the Waters of the World clean. Clean for this life to continue, clean for our Children and clean for all Life on this Blue Planet to exist.

Our Generation must not fail tomorrow's. No Clean Water, No Life.

Thank you to our Trustees:      * Tim Griffiths * Grant Jessť * Dave Southall * Wendy Tabrizi  *Trevor Wilson

Co-Founder :     * The Late Arthur Taylor

Hon. Patron:                     * Canon C.J.A. Hickling
Hon. Vice President:          * Joyce Latham
Hon. Treasurer:                * Helen Wallis

A special 'thank you' to Tracey Blunn, John C. Jones and also the Late, but never forgotten, Jill Kirby who was our first Secretary and became a founding Trustee when World of Water received its Registered UK Charitable Status in 1986.

Thank you to WoW Committees and volunteers, past and present:

Leila Ali & Robert Bartlett; Diana Beecroft; Caroline Bird; Chris Blake; Richard Broadhead; Anthony Casey; Will Clarke; Sudesh Cole; Jacqueline George & Alison Gordon; Andrew Hare; Heiki;  Phuoe Huynh; Joanne Jeffries; Richard Jones; Duma Langton;  Lindsay Milner; Jon 'Mitch' Mitchell; Judith Mwenje; Riadh; Carl Reynolds; Aileen Robbins; Dave and Linda Southall; Julia Steed; Adrian Stubbing MICS; Mathew Swoffer; Mike Talbot; Marie Thomas; Dave Tillotson; Graham White; Heather Wren.

And thank you to the following for their help and support since our launch :

Alexandra Theatre (Birmingham,UK) * Andry Montgomery Group (J.Southam) * Arlington Mill Museum & The Lord Ashdown Charitable Settlement * Aston University in Birmingham * Tracey Avery * The Bass Museum of Brewing * The Late Alex Behrendt * Bibury Trout Farm (C.I.Peters) * Steve Biddle * BHBN (Linda Gotch) * Birmingham and Midland Institute * Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Art Gallery * Birmingham College of Food and Tourism (Michael Godard) * Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery,UK (Museum Education Dept.) * Birmingham Nature Centre * Birmingham Central Library (Anne Everall) * Birmingham Voluntary Bureau (BVB) * Ellis Birt * Boulton and Paul * British Broadcasting Corporation * Prof. Niall Bromage * BRMB(Radio) * Canon (UK) Ltd (Simon Elwell) * Casa Pupo (London) * Conchological Society of Gt. Britain and Ireland * The Conservation Foundation * Craig Denston (Masks) * Richard Digance *  The Donside Paper Company, Aberdeen * Dunbarton Museum and Library (Helen Dyson) * Beryl Cornish * European Community * Fleur Easom (Sculpt) * Earth Centre, Conisborough * European Aquaculture Society * Ewos (U.K) * F.G.F. (Aston) * Fishing News Books Ltd. (Vivien M. Heighway) * Frank Forest * Foster Brothers * Rowena Garratt * Janet Grifffiths * Jasco's (Sound and Light) Ltd  * Prof. John Guillebaud * Paul Hales * Hawkins and Manwaring * John Heaton Animations * Helensburgh Museum * Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry * J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. * Highland Water Gardens * Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham * Brian Hosgood * The Late Lee Hudson * Martin Hulse * IBM (Paul Appleford) * Institute of Fisheries Management * Interbuild Exhibitions * ISTEL, Redditch * Ken Jackson * J.Sharp (Jasco's Sound and Light Ltd.) * John C. Jones * Keighley Museum and Art Gallery * Kenning Vehicle Hire * Louise Kourris * Dr. Peter Landless * Rustie Lee (BBC Radio WM) * The Late M.H.Lloyd, B'ham Fish Market * Lloyds Bank * Llwybr/Pathway * Louis Draplin Ltd.(Printers) * Sue Lyons * Margaret Tregoning (Florists) * MacFarlane Laboratories * Kiko Matsuzuki (Mikimoto Pearl Museum) * Prof. Alan Matty * Metronews * Midland Glass Gallery * Dr. Derek Mills, Dept. Forestry & Natural Resources * Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries (J.W.Ramster) * Jonathan (Mitch) Mitchell * Monsanto Co.(London) * Graham Nall * National Aquarium, Washington, USA (Craig Phillips) * National Farmers Union * Natural History Museum (London) Zoology Dept. (Mr.Wheeler) * John Needle * Newhay Fisheries Ltd.(Dr. Martin Jaffa) * New Zealand High Commission (London) * Norsenet * James Oribine/Fish Masks * Oxfam * Pembroke Fish Farms * The Post Office * Powys County Council * Priory Hospital, Bimingham (Dr. Nigel Smith) * Project Dynamo (Welsh Development Agency) * Rank Xerox (M.Bradley) * Rea Valley Conservation Group * The Late Miss Mary Richards * Peter Smith Associates * Sqdr. Ldr. Peters * Stephen Smith Public Relations * Rackhams (B.Stellard) * Rugby Library and Art Gallery * Ian Sandy Entertainments * Science Museum, London (Joe Roome) * Sevem Trent Water,UK. * Shell Film Library * Smith and Sons (Birmingham) * South African Consul, (London) * John Southam Exhibitions *  South West Wales Tourist Authority * Antonia Spowers * Paul Stanley * Stephen's Plastics * Stoke-on-Trent City Museum and Art Gallery * J.& W. Stuart (Scotland) * John Taylor (BBC) * Phillipa Townsend * Sietske van der Veen * J.Vickerstaffs * Warwickshire Museum * Watermill Trout Farm (Martin Hallam) * Wednesbury Art Gallery and Museum * Western Australia Consul, (London) * West Midlands Area Museum Service (Jocelyn Orchard) * Whirligig Theatre Company (David Wood) * White Rose Pharmaceuticals * Jenny Wilkes (BBC Radio WM) * Kay C. Wilton (Costumes) * John Wincott * Woodlands Hospital (Mrs. Beckett) * The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers * Youngs Seafoods (P.S.Lackington)

If you are on the list above and have lost contact with us, please
say hello again. If you want to part of this WoW Help and Supporters List we welcome your contact.

A big 'thank you', to you, for reading this long Thank You List.

The World Clean Water Campaign needs every drop of attention. Please tell all your global friends and ask them to put a link on their Websites to our Campaign Site. By linking with eachother around the World, we can monitor much of the World's Water and Water Life.

We need the support of this entire Planet for the good of all LIFE. We all need to support this World and all its water reliant lifeforms.  You can help our Campaign  and we can help you and your projects.

Let's get in touch with eachother.

Let's go Global and make a big splash, together.

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World of Water raises its funds from donations.

There is always more to do, but as ever, demands outstrip resources and so individual donations and legacies are welcome.

We really like it when supporters donate towards specific projects, e.g. 'BookBod', but are just as happy to receive general funding.

To support the World Clean Water Campaign, contact us and tell us about your wishes and how you would like to help.    

Here are some examples of interesting ways others have helped our Campaign:

This  kind gift of 'Display Space' (above) allowed us to put on an exhibit of our Work in a City Centre Location for eight weeks. It's amazing what sort of donations caring people can make. Thank you.

Noir Moutier Sea Salt Producers. One of a series of photographs gifted to the WoW Image Library for use in Exhibitions and Talks.  We use photographs of all Water related subjects in
talks and exhibitions and welcome such Charity donations from photographers.

The Night Wanderers. Part of a large Collection of magical Children's Book Illustrations gifted to the WoW Image Library. Many of these and other illustrations are available as Touring Exhibitions. See
"Art on Tour"

ACTION:   Have you or your environmental group got your own web site? Let's support each other by sharing links.

We have several fun link buttons and banner designs that we can email to you or direct to your web designer.
Get in touch with us. Thank you.

World Clean Water Campaign

is published for members of The World of Water Online Community and individuals active in their locality, both in the UK and Overseas.

All involved in Sustainable Development and Conservation are welcome to join, there is no subscription.

ACTION : Become a WoW Foreign Correspondent
We welcome contributions by email or you can add your Comments to our Forum.

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World Clean Water Campaign