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World Clean Water Campaign

Exhibitions &  Projects

We work with like-minded organisations and groups in order to promote the World Clean Water Campaign and spread our Campaign message worldwide.

  By teaming up with others, and supporting their projects,
we all take the World Clean Water Campaign further each year.

Above: Our Logo Design
prepared for the UK National Angling Centre
education pack

Can we help you? Yes we can.

Our core knowledge covers Water, Waterlife and the Water Environment. We are keen to work with other organisations on joint campaigns, providing practical support for groups involved in Global Health and Education.

Through the supply of design and presentation ideas, research, training workshops and active participation in meetings, we have helped the educational, heritage and promotional work of many organisations and we can help you too. Get in touch with us now, click here to contact.

We have helped and supported the progress of : 

Above: Neptune Costume, designed and made for our Christmas Sealife Promotion with the House of Fraser.

Above: Our Anti-Bullying Campaign Hero, 'Eric the Pie Flinger'

Above: "Genius", our Watchdog Character,  created to comment on developments in
Genetic Engineering

Above: Front cover of Waterlife Education Book, "Grandma's Pond"
If your organisation plans to go to print with an issue relating to the Water Environment or Waterlife,
Contact us - we're here to help

See MORE projects that we have helped progress.

Atlantic Salmon Trust
Green Show
Whirligig Theatre Company
Gallery 37
Healthy Birmingham 2000
Birmingham Befriending Society
Severn Trent Water Education Dept.
South Staffordshire Water Co.
Solihull Library Theatre
British Waterways

Derbyshire Dales River Watch
Dynamo Project
Crescent Theatre
Birmingham Nature Centre
Seesaw Nursery
Birmingham Centre for the Child
Peat Bog Visitor Centre, Ireland
Brighton Festival
Earth Centre
Centre for Alternative Technology
Rea Valley Conservation Group

Our work aims to help communicate 'Message',
attract Media Interest and
project funding.

We believe in getting all important environmental messages across in a fun effective manner. Contact us. Let's help eachother.

(Above) One of the designs for our freestanding World of Water Displays - can you support this?

Today, there are so many commercial messages, each competing for the viewer's attention. Often, many vital environmental campaigns get overlooked.

The only thing to do is to 'shout' louder and get on the best of terms with the World's Media

Can you help us? Yes you can.

We ask those we support to 'spread the Campaign word'

All environmental projects need funds and all exhibitions need tour support and storage facilities when they are back for refurbishment and updating. If your group or organisation is interested in how we can link together on shared interests to 'spread the Campaign word', please contact us.

If you are keen to support our Campaign Fund directly, please make a donation to our "Exhibitions & Projects Fund"

Some of our fundraising Point of Sale Display work for the Crescent Theatre to help raise funds for Youth Theatre Programmes such as "
H 2O" (Water)


Design for the Atlantic Salmon Trust exhibition trailer prepared by Tim Griffiths, one of our Trustees.

Above: Our Millennial Centre for Sustainable Living work for Groundwork Charity No. 702917

Above: Part of our imagery supplied for Mirpur Friendship Park. Northwest Pakistan near Kashmir . A Parkland including three large Water Tanks overlooking Mangla Lake.

Above: World of Water's 'Money down the Sink'  Water Saving Campaign

Above: Part of our film storyboard work for Severn Trent Water's own water saving campaign film in UK


Do YOU think we should know about your Group Project Now?


If you presently support Campaigns that are working on Water, Waterlife and Water Environment issues please let us know.

'Together we grow stronger.
By supporting eachothers local stages
we can link to gain attention on the World Stage'

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