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World Clean Water Campaign


On the T-shirt designs over at divejunkie you will find lots of sea creatures along with information about their lives beneath the Ocean waves

From our own Correspondent

Jasmine Yeo

Dive Junkie Singapore

Finding out about the state of the World's Water is an important task. World of Water depends upon its appointed correspondents around the World to report on what's really happening.  Jasmine Yeo, our Singapore Correspondent, sends in her report :

"Singapore, an island-nation in the heart of South-east Asia, is completely surrounded by Water. 

Ironically, Singapore is not known for great diving - a little difficult considering the years of land reclamation and our busy shipping water ways - not exactly the best ingredients for clear blue waters.


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However, beneath our murky warm waters lie several diveable spots just 30 minutes away from mainland Singapore.

While many claim that there is 'nothing to see', relatively healthy reefs existing in shallow waters. They play house to the wide array of marine animals, who go on with their daily lives in their heavily-silted aqua habitat."

Jasmine Yeo, for World of Water, Singapore

Today's Caretakers take care of tomorrow

There's a lot to be understood about the way marine species adapt and cope with living in such close contact with our busy shipping. Those interested to know more about diving around Jasmine's Region should contact her directly via her web site at and do please send her our best wishes. If you go diving around Singapore, send us an email for our site news updates and maybe one of your photographs taken whilst diving there.

World of Water is expanding and establishing a Network of  Correspondents in Every part of the watery World - inland and on the World's coasts.

If you would really enjoy writing about
your local waterlife
and water issues
and helping us to spread
your words, Worldwide,
then volunteer for one of the available Posts by
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Start something BIG in your life and help our Campaign grow ever BIGGER

Above and Far Left images by kind permission of Sietske, early Dutch exponent of Takashi Murakami's Superflat

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