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World Clean Water Campaign

Comments by the Cofounder of 'World of Water'

 "The optimist in me says that the 'oceans are clear and blue',
all mountain streams are fresh, rain water is pure and that the glass of water is always full.

The pessimist in me never swims in oceans, lakes, canals, public

swimming pools or rivers and buys a very good quality water filter for use in my own kitchen, bathroom and garden!"

"Whether you are an optimist and view a partly filled glass of Water as half full, or a pessimist seeing only a half empty glass of water, you always want your Water to be Clean."

"You want to be able to swim at the beach party, shower and make a drink without risking your health. We all want this - all of us on this 'blue planet' - all the Whales, Dolphins, Fish, Birds, Plants and every other creature needs Clean Water, healthy water.

Today, as we steadily pollute the land, sky and waters around us, we damage this planet. The sure 'slow kill' of most pollutants often goes unnoticed, unlike an oil tanker disaster where the destruction of coastal and marine life can be photographed for the World's front pages.

I am still an optimist. There's an old saying that 'optimists tend to make things happen whilst pessimists tend to allow things to happen'. For things to get better, we need to believe they will and we need to design and implement the best way forward for balanced progress and for our survival."

Tapman and Pluggy © Badge used by World of Water in
Storytelling Workshops

"We are what we think we are and
we become what we want to become"

"Is your World of Water, the way you want it - full of sparkling fresh rain, tranquil lakes or bad weather jokes and fumes?"

"Once we saw birds and wanted to fly - now we fly to far moons and planets. We need to be thankful for how far we have come and be positive about how far we have to go.

I believe that both optimism and pessimism are self fuelling and become in themselves, self fulfilling prophecies. If people think that things will get better they surely will. Our home, this small blue-planet, needs to be a better 'home-sweet-home' for its wide ranging group of inhabitants. We can learn thus make it better or ignore life's lessons and make it worse.

I want you to support the World Clean Water Campaign and donate all you can to help your local conservation groups. Bit by bit we will lower the pollution and waste we generate and learn to progress 'in balance'."

Grant Jessť
   Cofounder and 'Resident Spirit' at the WoW Field Centre, UK


"Covering the Earth - a rich pattern of greenery, full of colour and shape bursting with succulence. In other parts of the Earth, large barren wasteland where water sinks in and hides below the surface."

Tapman's View

"Rivers, Rain, Puddles, Bubbles, Dew and you, spring into being together. Each time you turn on a Tap you can capture the magic of the moment or ignore it and let it run away."

"Everyone loves going to the seaside or sitting by a stream and this Planet Earth is lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful scenery in the Universe. More important than 'looks', this Planet supports 'Life' as we know it"

All healthy food, whether harvested on Land or in Water, requires Clean Water for healthy growth

We all need Healthy Food. We all need a Healthy Planet on which to grow the Food

Greengrowingrandlookinglobecaringreatlivingearcoolin garbwashingrapefruitingameplayingoodtastinguidegiving  Water

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World Clean Water Campaign