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World Clean Water Campaign

Storytelling Storytime

Our Storytellers craft stories into life using an interactive way of Storytelling.

Audiences enjoy adding to each 'story' as it is told, and can try to

 steer the Story into deep water
    or up onto the high seas of
     their imagination.

Storytime from
20 to 45 minutes

Storytelling at Exhibitions

"It's YOUR Story, let us TELL it"

During WoW storytelling, audiences are asked about their  concerns. These concerns are then spun into a Story by a gifted WoW Storyteller who, from time to time, allows random story additions from members of the audience. CONTACT for DETAILS

We weave storylines and conjure concepts into fun, live, interactive story telling sessions from 20 to 45 minutes duration.

Today, 24/7 communication is 'spoon fed' to us in pre-edited sound and pictures leaving fewer opportunities to enjoy 'live' participation. Live audience involvement is important as it promotes the ownership of 'Story' and involves everybody in the World Picture.

We are all part of the 'World Picture' and each of us needs to be aware of our supportive role in holding everything together in balance.

With workshop groups, 'WoW' takes storytelling further into role play and drama work. 

WoW Storytime in Schools

Leaflet and Booking Form now available by email

WoW Storytime in Shops

Storytelling Workshop using Puppets during a World of Water Exhibition


WoW Storytellers are available for your Arts Events and Festivals.

If you know an Event or Festival Organizer looking for Storytellers please support us and tell them about our work.

Get full information about our storytelling by email

Above: WoW Storytelling at 'Readers and Writers Festival' (Birmingham, UK)

Find out about
BookBod Storytelling 'appearing on top of two  stacks of books near you'

* Interest Note: Some WoW Storytelling at the Earth Centre was in a Yurt, a tent-like gift from the people of Kyrgyzstan in which story sessions are used to recall and update the governing instruments of the Kyrgyzstan People in open forum in the presence of both elders and children.
** Interest Note: Some WoW Storytelling in Birmingham was at the 'Nature Centre' surrounded by animals - a great educational centre developed by the local Birmingham Council to support the teaching of environmental issues.

*** Interest Note: Some WoW Storytelling at the Brighton Festival was in an old green Army Tent on the Pebble Beach with the open sea as backdrop.

(Please Book Early for 'National Tell a Story Week', UK)

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