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World Clean Water Campaign

 Water Business
- keeping it clean

 We are all in the 'business' of using
Clean Water every second of the day.

  Your brain needs 85% clean water to function
and your body needs around 66% clean water.

Be careful never to tip your personal balance! If you lose
10% water you will be unable to walk and at 20% water loss, without rapid help, you will die!


Clean Water keeps everything alive so it is vital we all Campaign to keep Water Clean

Over-stressing this Planet puts our Future at risk

"Understanding how to maintain the 'balance' of life,
needs to be the daily business of us all"

The World's single ecosystem works best when kept in balance as do our minds and bodies. As it is a big job to
'keep balance', it has to be part of each day for all
individuals, groups, environments and large communities.

You can help by spreading the messages above to your Friends all
over the World

Both Personal and Planetary balance are important

At 'WoW', we work with individuals and groups, helping all to gain a greater understanding of personal and global 'balance'.

Human future is linked to the future of all life forms so we all have to take care of ourselves and our part of our ecosystem so as to proactively maintain the 'whole'.
In every way and for everyone, over-stress is a killer
By polluting just a little bit more every single day, we force feed this planet a toxic cocktail that doesn't go away. In the same way, if we let a lot of little stresses build within us every day, it can damage our health, sometimes beyond repair.

Locally, we work with individuals and groups
It is a vital part of our work at the WoW field centre to de-stress individuals and groups and help them to create a clearer future for themselves. In so doing, we hope that they develop a greater love for their tomorrows and progress their part of the whole earth-equation with a heightened understanding of the Earth's full needs.
In the early days of 'WoW', our volunteers would give talks to schools and present the 'Water Cycle', getting young enthusiasts to realize the importance of a single World Water cycle shared by all. Now, we work with all, getting people together to tackle their personal and global impact on Earth.

We all have a part to play
To do this we campaign for strong reliable global partnerships of understanding and learned co-operation.  One wrong move by one grouping, be it a government, a company, the public or even an environmental group, can fatally distress the only Blue (Water) Planet we have.
It has taken 'mother nature' more years than we can count to achieve the level of balance we see around us, but we humans in a relatively short time are doing a lot of damage, so much of it now beyond our repair. To preserve our tomorrows we need to fight and win 'as one' for our today. There is only one way to win on one planet; we need to win and work together, Worldwide. We all need to collaborate on shared factors.
Most people work towards staying personally healthy, always trying to reduce stresses that come their way. Once people feel in control of their local personal issues it becomes easier for them to consider, understand and support global requirements.

The "Think Global, Act Local" Campaign works at best when people's local requirements are met. Then, they can spare a moment to consider the wider issues. All issues are interconnected but it can be hard for example, to stop people following their local needs even when they contribute towards greater global problems.

Start a Clean Water Campaign group in your area.
Start looking at what's really happening around you and get people together to help solve any pollution problems you discover. If you have a moment, send us your news. If you enjoy writing, become an International Correspondent for World of Water and send in brief quarterly reports on the water issues local to you.


The Big Burn Up is gobbling the World. Everything is getting consumed - oil, gas, coal, nuclear, timber. Rain forests are being cut.

Serious Earth pillaging starts
in the Industrial Revolution
resulting in heavy pollution

"To hold yourself and your surroundings 'in balance' is a 'fight'. You need to work positively with your body and mind to stay fit and healthy every second of every day."

"If we let stressful problems build up within ourselves and our surroundings, we witness more breakdowns, devastation, tragedy and conflicts."

Waste Not
Want not

Most of the icons and graphics used to promote recycling are

Water Wheels and Steam Powered Engines  dropped out of popularity in most places

Dams remain Big Water Business to this day.


It's not easy
being green
if you're toxic
or plastic
if your life's
a waste
doing stuff
and no magic.
It's tragic
you want
'cos your
brothers and sisters
came up from the
the Ground.
But your
they know it
you're dirt
in their eyes.
They hate you
they dump you
It's you they
till the day
comes around
and they recognize
that you're
part of the
Water, the Earth
and the Skies.

Wind Farms are either hated or loved

Solar Energy is still better on Sunny Days

Good progress is about direct 'change for the better'. This Campaign, is about 'gain and balance', not further loss:

This Campaign is about:

[ Rap lyrics here
by kind permission
  IOL MC 1995 ]

Hate Something Make Something

Personal Health

Wildlife Health


Ecosystem Health

Community Health

We hate the word 'waste' because it suggests something is of no use. Let's start a Campaign to waste the word, waste! Let's view used stuff as ready to go round again

and the balanced Growth of Technological  Health

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World Clean Water Campaign