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World Clean Water Campaign

WoW and its Enquirers

By typing 'Water' or 'Waterlife' into a search engine

you can probably get all the recorded information you need.

Inspector CluBod on the case of the missing Water Information

Inspector ClueBod
in the 'Case of the Secret Water Cycle'

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If not, let us know; 'lack of information' may need investigation

Results 1 - 10 of about 71,700 for waterlife Results 1 - 10 of about 71,700 for waterlife Results 1 - 10 of about 503,000,000 for water Results 1 - 10 of about 503,000,000 for water

Fresh information about World of Water [WoW]
is prepared on request, by Volunteers.
Ideally, we meet enquirers, directly, or contact by email.
We limit our use of print and aim to avoid filling leaflet racks with WoW literature purely to 'keep trees busy'.

WoW started talking about the 'Secret Water Cycle' in the late 1970's. Most published leaflets then, and even today, talk about how the natural 'Water Cycle' makes everything clean and keeps water sweet.  The truth is a very different reality.

'WoW' promote projects run by groups and individuals we really get to know. We originate ideas for specific campaigns and events to help you raise the profile of your urgent environmental issues.
LINKS: Spreading the Campaign Word
Everyone MUST network more. Global awareness of Water issues needs to increase so we all need to spread the word across past geographical and social barriers.

Go ahead and talk about our concerns about the Water Environment when you are attending exhibitions, talks, conferences and posting in online Forum Threads. One mention of our Campaign on television, radio, or in a magazine article keeps Water concerns in front of everyone and helps raise important global issues for the good of all. Every bit helps

The buck stops here with
THIS generation so we must
spread our message quickly, Worldwide.

We need Clean Water NOW !


There is an ever growing number of files and reports on Water subjects from all over the World. These occupy the researchers and web contributors in a 'party of publication'.

'WoW' produces  written comments on Water issues where we can engage in constructive project dialogue 'on record' and with a wide active audience. 'Comment' per se, without action, we leave to those who prefer debate.

A WoW Member, Andy Hare, produced a Marketing Strategy whilst here as a Volunteer. One

'must-do' that he suggested, was to create a Global Water Ezine online. We are now collecting Foreign Correspondents in all Countries so we can share knowledge and unify actions. If you have some time to contribute, on a Voluntary basis, then start by emailing YOUR local Water News to us NOW.

WoW : Tough words
to erase misinformation

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"I always need Clean Water. Thanks for your support -
I count on it!"

From an Original idea by
Andy Hare, you can now
Visit the World of Water Ezine

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