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World Clean Water Campaign

Exhibitions, Events &

Water 'works' everywhere so we seek every opportunity to highlight its importance through:

attending festivals cookery demos.
making music
art shows
media interviews

performance theatre
poetry readings
sports events
painting workshops
museum visits

If exhibiting your skills and giving enjoyment to others sounds too good to be anything to do with 'Water', just remember that without clean water you couldn't do any of it.

Your fluidity of thought and movement relies upon Clean Water and the more festive and energetic your activity, the
   more water you need to drink.


with attitude

"Ollie" - an Octopus with Attitude.

Part of a collection of drawings gifted to World of Water by the UK Artist Oliver Tomlinson. If you are a Gallery Curator and interested in collaborative art projects with WoW please contact us and see "Art on Tour" page

We attend as many festivals and events as possible. Tell us about YOUR Event wherever you are in the WORLD by adding your details on our World of Water Notice Board




World of Water helpers designed and prepared three exhibition display stands to help in the promotion of the "River Rea Heritage Trail", Birmingham, UK.

We are all in a wonderful "World of Water", one
that we should care for and cherish. 'WoW' has
a fun attitude towards living and you can help
our 'message' compete for attention and

win on the Big Global Stage.

ACTION: Never miss an opportunity to celebrate being 'alive' and always understand the part that Water is playing in your activities. In your cooking, insist on having the best natural Water quality, whether you use tap, rain, spring or bottled Water.
When you dance, try and feel the ease at which you can move around with your 85% water content. If your movements are limited, remember that without water they would go completely
When you make any exhibition of your input to this World and share your work with others, let them know you appreciate and realize the contribution that Water makes. This seems easy if you are exhibiting your 'water paintings' or opening your water gardens to the public, but even when you hold the crowd at your next concert, let out a cheer for the vast amounts of water always used in producing all your electric power.

Take Water for granted and let it be polluted to death and this 'One World' will change so radically that you may not wish to stick around!
Water needs to be clean, like the air above it and land around it. If you have any question about this or are putting on a show, exhibition, party, concert, etc. where your public, your friends, would sparkle a bit more with a 'WoW' thought of some kind, email the details to us, marked ' Sparkle-it' and we'll make every effort we can to reply (English Language only available at present. If you can volunteer any other language please get in touch because :

Water's a BIG GLOBAL subject involving all people, all languages, all creeds and all lifeforms.


 If you are going to start a Sea Shell Collection, don't murder the sealife. You can build a very big and varied collection by beach combing for discarded used shell homes. If you add to your collection by buying sea shells, check that  no sealife was murdered to feed your new hobby. You may be able to get some advice from the
Conchological Society


What are YOU doing on
World Oceans' Day (above)
and where will you be at
High Tide (Organised by
R.O.R.E.) ? Celebrate the wonder of the Water Environment wherever you are, every day.

Support the environmental work
of your local zoo, museum or aquarium. Our Hon. Vice President, Joyce Latham, visited the Australian Museum and sent us
the above 'Class Visits' pack.
It's full of great ideas.

Find out about the great environment campaigns near you and tell the
World about them on the
World of Water Notice Board

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