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World Clean Water Campaign


Water Watch
The WaterWatch Initiative, first piloted with our support

  Mystery Badge from an earlier Water Watcher Scheme sent in by one of our junior volunteers.
  If you recognize it and know who produced this badge please Contact us.

The FREE little Chalybeate Fountain and Spring within the Fabled Land of the Llandoddies (Ancient Water Keepers)  in Middle Wales.

WoW Supporter John Eley (Right) shows one of his finished glass engraved windows on theme of 'Water Supply" for South Staffordshire Water Company,UK.

Above: Anthony Casey wrote a book with us on Monastic Ponds whilst
Volunteering with WoW

Above: WoW Volunteers take Photos and make Survey Record of the Water Heritage in their area like this concrete drinking trough still in use, and below, a farm Water Wheel.

Above: The first proposed logo design for the NWT (National Water Trust)

 as 'RiverWatch' in Derbyshire  (poster right), combines both the legal and environmental issues facing fresh water life. The Water Watch Project goal is ... MORE>

Clean Water for Sport  (CWS)

Stay in the Swim

If you love Surfing, check out 'Surfers Against Sewage' and if you are a Scuba Diver, visit Earthdive.  If you love Sea Swimming visit Marine Conservation Society and if you are into River and Lake Swimming, see the R.O.R.E . site. If your Sport or business is fishing click and visit the Marine Stewardship Council's site.

Water Sport Safety should be all about the Sport, not the cleanliness of the Water but that's not always the case as the latest news from Surfers Against Sewage and Clean Ocean Foundation shows, pollution is out to overtake us and win the race unless we put a stop to it. CWS project goal is...MORE>

Water Heritage
'WoW' have outlined the need to survey, catalogue and preserve our Water Heritage for the active enjoyment and ongoing education of all.

'Water Heritage' includes items, land, buildings, water environments and data, used to support and promote the understanding of this finite solution.
Send us your nominations.

Project goal - to create awareness
To create focal points around 'Water Heritage' so as to promote understanding of Clean Water and its valuable role in everyday life. MORE>

Imagine producing totally 'clean' electricity. Imagine having no further need to destroy fossil fuels or to burn wood and oil. Imagine there being no need for nuclear fission power stations or mile upon mile of wind turbines.

If we can imagine it, we can work on it and make it happen so long as we support those with inventive minds and practical ways ... there has to be a way. 
Project goal is ... MORE >


If you know of ways that will help this Planet, 'WoW' can help publicize 'Planet Care Measures' and with 'People Power', we can develop that which is essential for the future of all life
You can help 'WoW' by talking about our World Clean Water Campaign to as many people as you can and through talking, and networking,  more support will be found, bit by bit.

'People Power' is one of the strongest energies around. Do you know people with access to resources and facilities who could help us get our message across -  if so, please let us know . By doing this, you will be helping yourself and your home planet's future. Contact us straight away. Thank You.
Getting the message 'out there' for everyone to experience, is one of the best ways to bring about the changes the World needs.

You can help in many more ways. Here are some examples:

     Invite 'WoW' to attend meetings where you need our live
support for your projects.

Request a 'WoW Speaker' for your Group and enjoy
WoW Talkabout or Storytelling Event.

     Host a WoW Art exhibition or create a Joint Exhibition
         with us.

     Create a web site of your environmental work and
share links with us.

     Ask us to contribute supportive or constructive review
         comments about your project or conservation web site.
         These may help you gain the support, funding and publicity
         you need.

     Link your goals with ours and culture the benefits of
         'togetherness' - we are all on the same Earthship.

     Send us news of your International Water and Waterlife
         Events, local Water issues and people working to help our
         Planet stay healthy.  

Whilst every Skier, every Ice Skater, every Swimmer and every Surfer needs Water, every Footballer, every Cricketer, every  Athlete, every Olympian and every Rugby
Player needs their drinking water

Above: WoW Volunteer's Photo for our Water Heritage Survey Records of a roadside Well Head.

Above: WoW were invited to Hales Owen Abbey to survey their ponds and advise on their development. The Abbey now opens to the public on set days.
Our Thanks to:
Lord Cobham
David Condy
Joe Hunt

Above: Our Chair took part in a Training Course, visiting European Fish Farms.
Our Thanks to:
The  Institute of Fisheries Management, UK

Above : Filming at the World of Water Exhibition on the History and Future of Sea Harvests

Our Thanks to:
Sound: Ian Sandy Entertainments
Locations: Birmingham Museums
and Art Gallery
Build: John Craythorne, Janet and
Tim Griffiths; J.Latham; T.Avery;
Lighting: Jasco Lighting
Signage: Birmingham CC Graphics; Helen Wallis

Do you care about the future of all life on Planet Earth?
If you do, we welcome you as a member of World of Water 

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World Clean Water Campaign