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World Clean Water Campaign

WoW On location
and supporting YOU

A growing proportion of our time is spent
'live and on location' attending Festivals, Conferences and Arts events each year.

Through linking with those who improve the environment and develop sustainable production methods, we are constantly learning new ways to put across 'message' and better ways to achieve goals. Your group can benefit from our links.

When you need help to get across your message and raise awareness of your environmental issues, we are keen to work together with you and NGO's to create the better World
we all need.

(above) The Original 'Aber' Puppet created for WoW by James Oribine


Contact us for :

Interesting Displays for your Community Fair / Festival,
Positive Speakers to join your Group meetings,
Entertaining Storytellers to engage your audiences.

WoW at the Annual Birmingham Readers and Writers Festival



"Make it easier to think of Global Issues by  
strengthening the way you tackle your local issues"

The World Clean Water Campaign has clarity thus strength of purpose.

'Strength of Purpose' creates both physical and mental strength.
The road ahead for all of us, locally and globally, requires every bit of strength we can muster, together.

Those who support all campaigns require 'inner strength' and some good friends and supporters who teach ways to harness inner strengths often visit the WoW Field Centre and will sometimes, by arrangement, guide others whilst staying with us. This is a totally informal situation but can be of great use to those working hard to campaign for change because it can get very exhausting on the campaign trail.

Culturing the strength to Campaign is something you can work upon for yourself, even at times when physical strength may be low, but we find that every so often our campaigners find it helpful to have friends around, sharing and re-energising.

We are here for our supporters - let us know about your needs.

We can help so get in touch.

WoW at Water Day Celebrations, BCC.


ACTION:  The best Cultures  teach their children to be the next 'Caretakers of the World'. Too many in the 'Western world' still teach a more 'short-term' personal outlook.

Visitors to the WoW 'Wet Harvest' Exhibition

If you are a teacher and  need help in your environmental teaching, there are some interesting books you can use like "Keepers of the Earth" by Michael J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac [ISBN: 1-55591-027-0]


Lord Mayor opens the WoW Exhibition on Frank Buckland [above]

Worldwide Water Web LOG :

Teachers and parents often compete for the attention of children that prefer a make-believe world of well planned super-heros on film and in computer games and there are many skilled publishers happy to generate self-income without a second thought for any social responsibilities. DISCUSS

 "To gain the long term
attention of a child
surrounding themselves with short-term views, you need
to imbue in them the wonder of the forthcoming 'sequel'.

Once taught to be both
'curious and caring' about
the world of tomorrow, self-learning blossoms
and so does the Earth."

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Above: Attending a very fancy Lobster Quadrille

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World Clean Water Campaign