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Somewhere over a Bart. Anglicus rainbow.






We have been using our Field Centre’s Rainbow-coloured umbrella a lot recently but this morning the clouds parted, we left the umbrella in the porch and went out to watch a double rainbow become more vibrant with its ‘end’ dipping into the King’s Stream down the valley to our South.

Putting the science of rainbows aside for one moment, this rainbow was a true Bartholomew Anglicus 13th-century rainbow  – a rainbow that needs Bart’s own poetic words to describe it:

“The Rainbow is impression gendered in an hollow cloud and dewy, disposed to rain in endless many gutters, as it were shining in a mirror, and is shapen as a bow, and sheweth divers colours, and is gendered by the beams of the sun or of the moon. And is but seldom gendered by beams of the moon, no more but twice in fifty years, as Aristotle saith. In the rainbow by cause of its clearness be seen divers forms, kinds, and shapes that be contrary. Therefore the bow seemeth coloured, for, as Bede saith, it taketh colour of the four elements. For therein, as it were in any mirror, shineth figures and shapes and kinds of elements. For of fire he taketh red colour in the overmost part, and of earth green in the nethermost, and of the air a manner of brown colour, and of water somedeal blue in the middle. And first is red colour, that cometh out of a light beam, that touches the outer part of the roundness of the cloud: then is a middle colour somedeal blue, as the quality asketh, that hath mastery in the vapour, that is in the middle of the cloud. Then the nethermost seemeth a green colour in the nether part of a cloud; there the vapour is more earthly. And these colours are more principal than others.”

The above is from the Gutenberg Project (over 50,000 free ebooks) and Bart’s words capture the wonderful natural experience of the colours above and around him. Whilst science’s words can also explain a rainbow, they do not cover the wonder of a rainbow. Here’s the Wiki version for example:

“A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicoloured arc.”

See what I mean. Who is going to rush outside with enthusiasm to see one of those.

The view of the World we take is in our hands. We can see rain as wet and shelter from it or we can simply rejoice in it – and get thoroughly wet. We can sit on a cleaned stretch of yellow beach sand in the summer holiday sunshine and not realise that each morning, some team from the local authority need to wake up early to clear the plastic and debris off the sand so as to preserve the tourism trade. We can eat crops that take a lot of water to grow or those which grow with lower water requirements. We can waste water or save water.

Whatever your choice of view, remember that many small farmers and households are now finding it impossible to dig wells deep enough to reach clean water due to intensive large scale water extraction from ancient aquifers for industrial farming and other high profit-making exploits.

As you use the water presently available to you, remember that your global neighbour has water requirements too. If there’s not enough clean water to go round ……. then what?


“Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”



CONSUMERISM v. Frugal Living

Comment from John C. Jones

FURTHER TO GRANT’S LATEST POSTING 25th May  (in Water (Chile) Category)

Hello Everybody.

The significance of Grant’s posting on 25th May (in Water (Chile) Category) cannot be overemphasised.

He has taken the trouble to provide a detailed explanation of the hazards that we all face in the modern world of CONSUMERISM, and I am sure that he would get nothing else done if he devoted his time to publicising detailed accounts of ALL the places in the world where such abuses of the planet are being enacted.

Consequently, I feel that it might be useful to TRY to summarise the situation as follows.

Once upon a time, people were satisfied with the FREE GIFTS that were provided to them in abundance by NATURE. However, with the passing of time, they have been persuaded that they are ENTITLED to much more than nature can provide and that they CANNOT be happy unless they take from the world far more than they actually need. This persuasion has been carried out by people who know how easy it is to exercise POWER over those who crave anything at all (as in the obvious case of drug-addiction).

The RESULT OF CONSUMERISM is a world which is literally “falling apart at the seams”, and the SOLUTION to this problem will not be found until we ALL realise that we CAN, in fact, enjoy life without upsetting the NATURAL BALANCE of this planet. When the NATURAL WEALTH of the world is no longer plundered by those who have the power to do so, happiness will automatically result from our ability to simply behold the NATURAL BEAUTY that surrounds us.

However, such plundering will cease only when we ALL decide that we no longer require the products that it produces. In other words, there needs to be a wholesale SIMPLIFICATION OF LIFESTYLE.

A movement that celebrates “BUY NOTHING DAY” every year promotes this transition concept. Details can be found on the following web pages that contain useful information, relevant links and opportunities to discuss the matter in question with people from all over the world. (BUY NOTHING) (FRUGAL LIVING) (BUY-NOTHING CHRISTMAS) (BUY-NOTHING CHRISTMAS) (POEM BY A NINE-YEAR-OLD CHILD) (INTERNATIONAL BUY-NOTHING DAY) (LIST OF LINKS),6903,1091013,00.html (THE GUARDIAN, BUY NOTHING) (SIMPLE, GREEN LIVING) (FRIENDS OF THE EARTH)


All those who seriously care about the restoration and the conservation of the beauty of our planet should support the “WORLD OF WATER” project.

Best Wishes.

The one and only J.