PYTHAGORAS in unofficial launch of World of Water Web Site

On Sunday evening (March 5th 2006), at Alexander’s in Chester (UK) the One and Only John C. Jones of “PYTHAGORAS PRESENTS” hosted the (unofficial) launch of the Wales-based “WORLD OF WATER” website  (

It was a truly “WOW!” music occasion.

Thank you to John C. Jones and everyone at Alexander’s in Chester.


Wed, 15 Mar 2006, 12:53 – John C. Jones

Hello again Grant.

You are always welcome to my assistance, whether it be given NOW, NOW or even NOW (or at any other NOW, for that matter).

The concept of “FOREVER” is closely related to the concept of “NOW”. It can be regarded as the sum total of an infinite series of NOWS. Provided that every NOW is experienced and used in an appropriate manner, FOREVER will automatically take care of itself.

It is not difficult for you and I to see that it is appropriate for us all to give due consideration to all forms of life, and it is obviously advantageous for us to do so at all points in time (i.e. NOW and FOREVER).

Those who disregard other forms of life in pursuit of their own selfish aims will ALWAYS take inappropriate action, about which I am not in a position to comment any further, as their reasoning is known only to themselves and is not based on any logic that I can understand.

As more and more people come to understand the value of APPROPRIATE ACTION, those who oppose it will slowly fade into the background and will eventually disappear completely. We must only continue to share our knowledge (NOW and FOREVER) with those who wish to learn.

I am sure that they appreciate your contribution.

Best Wishes.

The one and only J.


Tues, 14 Mar 2006, 09:41 – A very “Now” thought for John from Grant

Good Day John,

There is never a better time to make a SPLASH (with Water or not) than now and your splashing, at any time, is most appreciated. Thank you.

Beyond the world of ‘now’ is the concept of forever. Somewhere between the two is the idea of a ‘long time’ and for me, nothing better illustrates this than an Ancient Welsh Yew Tree.

It’s rings trace moments of now and compile them into a big history that in another ‘now’ becomes climbable – mature in one ‘now’ yet squash-able at another ‘now’ stage.

Sadly, some chainsaw lovers see only one ‘now’, the existing one, as in the case of the Ancient Yew outside the Church at Llanlleonfel, Powys. Cut without feeling of the Yews wishes to compound its history. Cut with little or no regard for the Yew’s wish to bask in a further dawn.

Trees – an essential part of this ‘World of Water’.

“Each breath I take I thank a tree
for without air, there’d be no ‘Me’ ”

Those keen on supporting Yews – helping them see more ‘nows’, should visit and get involved in their local Yew Trees – each tree, a part of this great World of Water that fuels every ‘now’ we experience.


World Clean Water Campaigner

Tues, 7 Mar 2006, 12:53 – John C. Jones


Hello again Grant.

On behalf of the whole world, I must thank you for your efforts on the “water front”.

As the United Nations is an organisation (NOT an individual), it CAN reasonably assume that on March 22nd it will actually be in existence on this planet. Similarly, it will probably continue to be here in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 etc.

As an individual, I cannot be quite as sure as they are of future possibilities. I know that I am here NOW and I know what I am capable of doing at this precise moment. Consequently, every second I celebrate the passing of another moment in the history of all those movements and concepts that I consider useful and (obviously) my life is a permanent celebration. (“Any excuse for a party”, some might say.) Furthermore, it would be inefficient of me to pass away (it could happen at any moment to any of us) without having done as much as possible to promote your website and the underlying concept. If something is worth doing, I like to get it done NOW, just in case it NEVER gets done.

You will, therefore, understand my inability to consider March 22nd to be more significant than NOW, and you might forgive me for having celebrated (again) the launch of the “WORLD OF WATER” website on Sunday March 5th at Alexander’s (the venue for my reggae gigs in Chester).

The evening was an ABSOLUTE SENSATION. The performance by Trevor, The General and co. was definitely supercharged by a “magic power”, and the mystery guitarist who appeared from “nowhere” was almost too good to be true. The audience was virtually buried in a sea of “mini-fliers” that bore nothing more than the words “WORLD OF WATER” and the address of the website. The vibe of the whole event came from “somewhere beyond man’s understanding”.

Best Wishes.

The one and only J.

Mon, 6 Mar 2006, 09:57 – REPLY to John from Grant.


Thank you very much for the WOW (unofficial) launch of WoW’s Website and for your many additions here.

The WoW (World of Water) Charity Campaign site was launched in time for the United Nations World Water Day.

The UN are near the beginning of their “Water for Life” Decade and use World Water Day as an annual focus on this initiative.

World of Water started its World initiative in 1978 in South Wales and will continue to Campaign for World Clean Water for as long as it takes to get the big ‘clean up’ done.

Best wishes to all those who require Clean Water – I don’t think I’ve missed anyone, or any living creature out – I know I have not.

World Clean Water Campaign

Useful Water Links :

If you have any further water related links that you feel we should add to this World Clean Water Campaign site, please contact us (Click on CONTACT link at top of page). Thank you