Pond Construction (Useful links from World of Water)


Here’s our natural pond design which will collect rainwater and spring water and re-condition road run-off water.

Thanks John for your following message :

Thu, 27 Apr 2006, 12:52 – John C. Jones

Hello Everybody.

A friend of mine has begun to CONSTRUCT A POND in his garden (which already has a stream running through it). I have provided him with the following list of relevant websites. Perhaps some experts out there would be kind enough to comment on some of the ideas expressed on these sites (and maybe add any suggestions of their own).

http://www.gardenadvice.co.uk/howto/water/construct/index.html (CONSTRUCT A POND)

http://www.btinternet.com/~bury_rd/wildlife.htm (PONDS AND POND-PLANTS, GENERAL INFORMATION)

http://www.seekful.com/indx.cfm?q=Pond%20Construction (POND CONSTRUCTION)

http://www.best4sites.net/realestate/3/construction/pondconstruction/Pond-Construction.html (POND CONSTRUCTION)

http://www.tetra-fish.co.uk/tetrapond/knowhow1/12375_TETPO1_1constrct.pdf (CONSTRUCTING YOUR POND, TETRA KNOW-HOW)

http://www.sonic.net/~bigsnest/Pond/ (THE BIGGS’ WILDLIFE POND)

Best Wishes.

The one and only J.