Some see it as Practical Graffiti. Some need convincing of its worth

Our charity is keen to hear from any mighty superheros eager to turn this World around for the better, but as most seem to be battling with each other we’ll continue to work on’Plan A’ – a solution that involves you, and me.

Firstly, think of the World as a recording instrument being played badly and think of the past as stored without back-up. You wouldn’t run your life in the way that people have run this Planet.

Secondly, view our Prototype Living Museum as a record of physical parts that remain where they are – under a common World sky rather than one large roof built in one country.

The Whole World of Water Prototype Living Museum is held together by the next generation of apps.

Thirdly, you’ve read about Intelligent Cities, now think Intelligent Planet – one that ‘lives’ at ever greater depth using augmented reality.

As an example of an existing augmented reality app. see

Fourthly, we call the physical parts of the Prototype Living Museum,  CSE’s (Correlated Sponsored Exhibits (CSE’s), and these combine to create an Experimental Reference Data Hub for all.

We pitched to Geovation with our app. plan but as it requires detailed global maps, we need to think bigger. Do you know anyone working on Google Maps who will help our charity?

Or are you a next generation app. developer?

We should be talking.MB022



Let us know by email  (see image below) if you would like to develop with us


If you would prefer to leave us a comment, either privately or here for us to publish and share, then visit our comments page and make sure you type 059 at the beginning of your comment to grab our attention and show us you’re for real. Thanks.


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