In Memory of Trevor T. Trustee 1986 – 2016

Trevor saw skies of blue,
And clouds of white.
He brightened each blessed day,
And sparkled with the stars each sacred night.

Trevor was a wonderful energy and a highly motivated Director, dedicated to driving positive change through the power of entertainment.

During his thirty years as Director of World of Water, he was a constant supporter of our charity’s educational work in schools and organised many fund raising events.  Musically, to his fans, he will be best remembered for his tribute performances to the great Louis Armstrong .

His charity work included:

*  the founding of the publishing imprint, Little People Books,

*  recording albums and arranging concerts for fundraising

*  supporting our founder, Joy Latham, in her planning of a new student bursary fund

*  setting the stage for the development of the outreach project ‘Pattern in Sound and Vision’  inspired by the work of H.S.Williamson as published in ‘The Orchestra’ by Sylvan Press

From ‘The Orchestra’ (Pub. by Sylvan Press. Author H.S.Williamson)

There’s no better way to experience Trevor’s great contribution to the world of happiness than to enjoy him singing his signature song – one that will echo long in the hearts of all WoW volunteers and fellow Trustees at World of Water:

What a wonderful world



And from our archives, here’s Trevor dressed as a pirate (left) with fellow World of Water volunteers, delivering a  fish-shaped cake to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital to celebrate the start of our charity’s campaign to limit Global bycatch


Rest in peace Trevor and thank you.

We’ll continue to make sure it becomes an ever more wonderful World for all.


Tributes are still on Trevor’s facebook page when I last looked but we’ll publish some here as well if they are emailed (see image below).

It’s tough without the big guy with the even bigger heart who always made time to help and encourage our volunteers.


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On behalf of the Trustees and volunteers at World of Water.
Reg. UK Charity No 327188