WOW Risk Management Policy

Greetings!  Explore our Risk Management Policy, a strategic guide crafted to navigate the often unpredictable.

Within this framework, we’ve devised some methods to identify, evaluate, and address potential risks, ensuring a harmonious flow of operations. It’s our way of embracing challenges with resilience while maintaining a balance, all in the spirit of our charitable endeavors.

At WOW (World of Water), we understand that risk is an everyday part of our activities. We are committed to managing these risks effectively to achieve all of our key objectives

Our Commitments

Risk Identification:     We will keep reviewing and assessing risks faced by our charity in all areas of its work.

Risk Assessment:      We will evaluate the potential impact and likelihood of identified risks, prioritizing them based on their significance.

Risk Control:      We will establish appropriate measures to manage and mitigate the identified risks, aiming to reduce them to a level that the charity is comfortable with (the risk appetite).

Monitoring and Review:      We will conduct periodic monitoring and assessment of our risks and the effectiveness of our risk management measures.

Our Approach

Risk Policy:     We will establish a risk policy that outlines our approach to risk management, including the process for identifying, assessing, managing, reviewing, and reporting on risks

Roles and Responsibilities:     We will clearly define and assign risk management responsibilities to specific individuals within our organization

Communication:     We will communicate our risk management policy and updates to all volunteers, and relevant stakeholders

Written with guidance from the Charity Commission and the Institute of Risk Management (IRM)