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The AED Taylor Slip Stirrer (1968)

The ‘Taylor Slip Stirrer’ is one of many inventions by our charity’s co-founder, Arthur E.D. Taylor.

In his engineering works in Birmingham, *Chaintabs Limited, many of the early fish net frames, tank supports, water siphoning and filtration systems, used on the World of Water’s first fish farm and visitor centre, were designed and manufactured.

World of Water collections include a selection of pottery made by Arthur Taylor and fired at Bournville Colledge of Art in Birmingham.

The Original AED Taylor Slip Stirrer 1968


*Chaintabs Ltd. continued for a while, after the death of Arthur,  under the directorship of Jim Paton and son. Chaintabs, ropetabs and cabletabs were used in World commercial shipping and the navy of many countries to mark lifting strain limits on chain, rope and cable. Record of the following advert can be found in the archive of Graces Guide, UK.