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World of Water/Museum/Brown Glazed Pedestal Closet by Duckett’s of Burnley

Early Brown Glazed Pedestal Closet

[by Duckett’s of Burnley]

Horseshoe shape. Column fluting. Double skinned bottom.

32cm (l) x 47cm (h) x 47cm (d)

A few chips and scratches to brown glaze.

Photo below via Ruth Trent (World of Water Researcher)

Advert above via https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/File:Im18980722BN-Duck2.jpg#filelinks

And at the other end of the bathroom scales from Ducketts’ heavy plain brown “Clencher”, is this, the “Shanks’ Patent Independent Spray Bath”.

 [From the World of Water Postcard Collections]
The Specialist by Charles Sale [From WoW library collection]