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The Ten Waters Cycled at WoW Field Centre

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Along with the network of rabbit and mole tunnels, there’s a growing layout of water pipelines below the grass at our Field Centre. We’ve started to plot their positions to help future diggers and water dreamers. Here’s our second chart:




Here’s our first scribble of the new water system, designed when all the water trickled through broken terracota field drains and the kitchen water supply came through a thin rusted iron pipe from the main spring (Oak Spring):

World of Water memes and hashtags

If you are a meme designer, please come and help our charity circulate its news around the Globe.  Time is short and our messages need instant appeal. We have a library of images and a few ideas of our own but we are keen to welcome fresh design.

One small drop for World of Water
One giant splash for Planet Earth

Here are some of the memes we’re been using along with #WorldWater and #WaterHeritage on @World_ofWater