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Pakistan, falling rain and eco-tours?

Fri, 17 Mar 2006, 12:47 – John C. Jones

The following web pages came to my attention a day or two ago as I was searching for some other information on PAKISTAN.

http://espots.sdnpk.org/stories/wss.htm (WATER-SUPPLY SCHEME IN ATTOCK, PAKISTAN)

http://www.ecotourdirectory.com/ecotours/pakistan/ (ECO-TOURS IN PAKISTAN)

http://www.ecotourdirectory.com/ecotourism_forum.php (DISCUSSION FORUM, ECO-TOURS)

“FALLING RAIN” would be appropriate owing to its title, if nothing else. However, it also provides some very interesting maps.

http://www.fallingrain.com/world/PK/4/Attock_City.html (ATTOCK, PAKISTAN)

http://www.fallingrain.com/world/index.html (WORLD LIST)

http://www.fallingrain.com (FALLING RAIN GENOMICS, INC.)

Best Wishes.

The one and only J.


Sat, 4 Mar 2006, 12:51 – John C. Jones


Hello Everybody.

I read an interesting article about PORTUGAL recently.

It informed us that the government of that country intends to soon be obtaining 20% of its POWER-SUPPLIES from the movement of THE SEA.

Furthermore, it is planning to build what will be the largest SOLAR-POWER plant in the world. This will be near the town of MOURA.

WIND-POWER will also continue to be developed on a large scale in PORTUGAL.

You might find the following web pages interesting.

http://www.spacedaily.com/2005/050913182745.c35b987q.html (PORTUGAL, SOLAR POWER)

http://www.terradaily.com/news/energy-tech-05zzzzzzzzzj.html (PORTUGAL, WIND, WAVES AND SUN)

http://energy.sourceguides.com/businesses/byP/wRP/byGeo/byC/Portugal/Portugal.shtml (DIRECTORY OF BUSINESSES, RENEWABLE ENERGY WORLDWIDE)

http://www.worldenergy.org/wec-geis/edc/countries/Portugal.asp (WORLD ENERGY COUNCIL, PORTUGAL)

http://www.worldenergy.org/wec-geis/publications/reports/ser/wave/wave.asp (WORLD ENERGY COUNCIL, WAVE ENERGY)

http://www.worldenergy.org/wec-geis/publications/reports/ser/marine/marine.asp (WORLD ENERGY COUNCIL, MARINE CURRENT ENERGY)

http://www.pichtr.org/Ocean_Thermal_Energy_Conversion.htm (OCEAN THERMAL ENERGY CONVERSION)

http://www.energyinst.org.uk/index.cfm?PageID=968 (ENERGY INSTITUTE)

Here in WALES, with the launch of this website, there has been a SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENT in the progress of the “WORLD OF WATER” project.

Please become involved in this all-inclusive project which is devoted to bringing supplies of CLEAN WATER to all areas, plants and creatures of the world.

Best Wishes.

The one and only J.