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School Talkabout on: The Future of Food for Wildlife

In a World becoming packed with soil and water based farms, where will wildlife source its future food?


So the story goes, dinosaurs were all killed after a meteor landed that was big enough to make the Gulf of Mexico and fill the World’s sky with smoke and dust which blocked out sunlight and reduced plant growth for a very long time.

In our tale of ‘Hew the Human’,  it was Hew who became too efficient at killing wildlife for food, ran too low on wild food so invented farming to secure year round food for Hew’s family.

Oh yes; Hew found he could also make money by selling food to all those who didn’t farm their own.

Sounds familiar?

At the end of our story, all ‘Hewmans’ (humans) looked to the open sea for food as they had totally covered all land with buildings :


In the more planet-friendly story …

the sea remains unpolluted and therefore full of food forever.

However …

In the real World, the sea is filling up with pollutants daily.

And the real story of fishing is mainly one of industrial greed and not one of feeding a family’s need.

School Talkabouts on the subject of ‘need and greed’ reveal both the problems that capital-driven societies continue to propagate and the options available to each new generation to solve our shared global food requirements.

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