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News on Aquaponic + Hydroponic research unit.

News on Aquaponic + Hydroponic research unit.

The seeds are in (Vegetables all!)
Some shoots have sprouted (The Peas)
We’ve set up a control exp. using soil in trad. pots – well it’s our own 3 year old compost.
Our French engineer student, Nicolas, is still struggling with constructing a Bell Siphon despite watching countless YouTube vids on subject (mind blowing and numbing stuff)
Our two Spanish agricultural engineer students Mercé and Joan, are filtering compost tea solutions today (smelly job).
Water leaks from pipes a bit but that’s only to be expected when recycling old fittings.
General water conditions are low due to low rainfall.
Everyone well spirited, well fed and sleeping soundly.
Good music night at Radnorshire Arms Hotel last Tuesday.
Designing an aquaponic touring exhibition so we can take a demo. unit to shows.
Half painted the aquaponic exhibition.
Tested pumps and found we need bigger ones. All donations welcome.
Today – a day of cutting grass at the Field Centre and mending two gates, although, I think Nicolas is carving a robot into one of the pillars along the walk to the hydroponic unit whilst contemplating bell siphon design.


Are you a curator, librarian, sculptor ? Then enter “Yes” here & volunteer

Librarian/ Curator

As we need to move our handwritten catalogue of collections into the cloud, it’s time for someone with a very clear, almost librarian mind, to volunteer their skills and to make sure all items are searchable and shareable with other collections. If that’s you, please come and visit for a while and create some greater order around the place.¬† Thank you.

Song Writer / Musician

And if you happen to be a Song Writer, Comedy Writer, Membership Sec., Committee Member or Patron, let’s make waves together!


We have four more pillars to carve in concrete and we want a sculpting enthusiast to make their mark at our Field Centre. Contact us as soon as you are available. Thank you.