WoW Field Centre in Winter 2023

And now, the forecast for today at 15:00 hours GMT

There are yawnings and wails in Vegpatch, Upper Hollygate, Yelm, Choice and Colins Ramp.
The general synopsis is mild, signs of yellow blooms in topsoil, raised banks and pots.
Robin, Wren and 1  2  3  rabbits moving northwards, losing their identity in the long grass. Expected return by this time tomorrow.
Low Fields, too wet to mow rapidly. South-East, wind, harsh at times, mild by midday tomorrow.
The area forecasts for the next 24 hours:
Vegbed quadrants, Woodbod, Ponics Levels, Terrace three, Hide, Call and Hobbit door wet, drying slowly. Expected repaints, Spring. Conditions finer.