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In the May 13th edition of the U.K. newspaper “The Guardian”, there was a very interesting article on illegal sales of WATER IN SPAIN. According to that article, a huge “black market” has developed and 500,000 illegal boreholes are in operation, owing to the scarcity of water in that country. This increase in the demand for water is believed to be a result of rapid expansion in the AGRICULTURAL and TOURIST industries.


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Sun, 21 May 2006, 20:02 – RE: May 13t
Comment by Grant

Soooooooooo …. who’s shouting ” VIVA ESPANA ” today?

The Spanish are ‘pumping up the volume’ are they (?) – nothing new there then – it is probably the Mediterranean ‘Hot Head’ Climate or maybe, sadly, they are just ‘humans’ out for all they can get?

But whilst ‘money-money-money’ from tourism distracts the Spanish Government, they are certainly neglecting the ‘big picture’. The question is : Is this accidental neglect … is it wanton neglect of their own laws? Are their law keepers on a 24/7/365 siesta? (It IS ‘one’ question … not 3)

Hmmmmmmmm …. the mystery deepens as the water wells become shallower.

…. I’ve hear the tale before. Remember in India, a certain Worldwide Company (Called “X” for the sake of détente and share price fluctuations) dug very deep boreholes to get water. These pumping activities lowered Aquifer levels so much that loads of nearby villages could no longer get water from their wells unless they deepened them to compete with the depth of “Company X’s” wells.

As the dry lipped villagers looked on in astonishment, I hear that the fizzy drink vendors entered the villages to SELL their ‘own’ water back to them in a rather familiar, sweet form that could or could not have been slightly brown in colouration.

Reality Check:
We’re taking about a ‘fight’ for water here. We’re talking about a ‘smash and grab’ policy where the environment is smashed for the ever-hungry stomach of the human bank account.

What’s Next?
Will some Company or Foreign Government start sending up cloud-catchers to tow YOUR rain clouds AWAY from YOUR vegetable plots. Are YOU willing to allow this to happen?

Well World, by the time it is YOUR lips that are cracking and paining for want of a drop of water ….. when it is YOUR vegetables that you cannot afford to water because of the high price and demand for that water, remember the wonderful time you had on holiday on that Spanish Golf course drinking Cola on the rocks beside the pool.

LIVING “Costs the Earth”.

If the price you pay is worth it to you ….

If the cost is too high, campaign to stop the rot NOW before the rot steps in.

There are many ways to balance the books but there’s only one way to keep the Earth in ‘balance’ – we need to care for it as a ‘whole’.

World Clean Water Campaigner


After reading THAT ….. I bet you are now on the lookout for somebody ‘removing’ all the clouds from above you. You don’t believe anyone would go to the length of robbing you and your land of water destined to come your way? Do you notice those taking water from under your nose /feet?

If it slips away and leaves you dry though …… you’ll FEEL it.

Aquifers help BALANCE,

Protect them TODAY

World Clean Water Campaigner


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