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Can you imagine a NEWSeum – a Community-Driven exhibition centre, a totally NEW way forward?

Exciting News about our Journey to Create a Community-Driven Exhibition Center  (Scroll down for update)

Hello, World of Water supporters!

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates about our mission to create a one-of-a-kind Community-Driven Exhibition Center, a place where history unfolds in real-time and is shared by those who live it.

What’s in the Plan?
We’re envisioning a dynamic NEWSeum – an Exhibition Center, and Film Studio combined that will capture history as it happens, with a focus on community-driven storytelling.

How Far Have We Come?
Our progress has been remarkable:

  • Building Surveyor report: ✔️
  • Five-year income/expenditure sheet: ✔️
  • Project Inception Document (PID) published: ✔️
  • Community Questionnaire published: ✔️
  • Fundraiser appointed: ✔️
  • Built Heritage Officer contacted: ✔️
  • Matchfunding secured: 50%  ✔️
  • Full Planning Permission  ✔️
  • Listed Building Consent   ✔️
  • Two Project Partners on board  ✔️
  • Building materials specification ✔️
  • Exhibition layout materials specification ✔️

What’s on the Horizon?

We’re actively working on filling in grant application forms and:

  • Gathering quotes from local builders
  • Meeting potential partners in Newtown
  • Sending an Expression of Interest (EoI) to the Heritage Lottery Fund

Stay Informed!
For the latest updates, follow us on Twitter @_Grant or drop us an email at:

We’d love to hear your thoughts, support, and suggestions.

Between the Exhibitions:
While we prepare for the exhibitions, our research and education efforts continue at the WoW Field Centre. We explore various aspects of water, including its chemistry, its role in nature, and its impact on our lives. We delve into topics like water in health, industry, art, and even its presence in outer space and terraforming.

On Tour? Yes!
Some exhibitions will go on tour, so stay tuned for opportunities to be part of history as part of the NEWSeum Team. Join us, write about news, showcase news, film news, and be the news!

Together, we’re making waves in the world of water education and research. Join us on this incredible journey as we bring history to life and help keep our future alive and healthy.

Warm regards,


A Journey of Progress Towards a Water Heritage Education and Research Center

Dear Friends of World of Water,

We are thrilled to share an exciting update on our journey towards establishing a Water Heritage Education and Research Center! The path we’ve embarked on has been filled with determination, collaboration, and unwavering support from our incredible stakeholders and friends like you.

A Step Closer to Our Vision: As you may recall, we were on the verge of acquiring a property in Newtown, ‘The Old Malthouse’, for our visitor center, a place where we could bring the rich local history of Newtown’s water ways to life through engaging educational displays and immersive experiences. While the final steps to secure the Malthouse were not taken, we came remarkably close, and it’s a testament to the dedication of our team and the local support we received from both:

Stuart Owen, CEO, OpenNewtown (Going Green for a Living Community Land Trust Ltd) and  Deborah Gerrard, Chief Officer, Dementia Matters in Powys (Charitable incorporated organisation 1172335)

Gratitude for Your Support: We want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been part of this incredible journey. Your encouragement, unwavering faith, and commitment to our cause have been the driving force behind our progress.

Fostering Enthusiasm: The enthusiasm within our organization for the Water Heritage Education and Research Center is stronger than ever. We remain steadfast in our mission to preserve, protect, and educate about  global water heritage. Our vision of creating a hub where the past, present, and future of water come together continues to inspire us daily.

Looking Ahead: While we may have encountered a few bumps along the way, we see them as opportunities for growth and learning. We are dedicated to continuing our efforts, exploring new location possibilities, and securing the further support to bring our charity’s vision to life. Location suggestions welcome.

Stay Tuned: We invite you to stay closely connected with us as we move forward. Together, we will make our Water Heritage Education and Research Center a reality. We will keep you updated on our progress, share stories of water heritage, and involve you in our educational initiatives.

Once again, thank you for being part of the World of Water family. Your support fuels our passion, and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us next.

With heartfelt appreciation,


or  Get in touch with us where you can leave Comments, thoughts, support and help suggestions

List of potential topics in the World of Water Heritage Centre:

  1. Chemistry + Physics of WATER:
    • Water’s chemical properties and molecular structure
    • Experiments showcasing water’s unique physical properties
  2. WATER in Nature:
    • Aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity
    • Geological formations related to water, such as rivers and lakes
  3. Manipulation of WATER:
    • Historical water transportation methods (e.g., canals)
    • Water engineering and infrastructure development
  4. Pollution & Natural WATER Hazards:
    • Exhibits on water pollution sources and prevention
    • Natural disasters like floods and droughts
  5. WATER in the Home:
    • Evolution of plumbing and water supply systems
    • Household water conservation methods and technology
  6. WATER for Leisure:
    • Recreational water activities and their history (swimming, boating, etc.)
    • Water parks and their development over time
  7. WATER Fountains & Wells:
    • Historic and cultural significance of fountains
    • Well traditions and stories
  8. WATER in Food Production:
    • Evolution of irrigation techniques
    • Displays on fishing and aquaculture practices
    • Agricultural and aquacultural water management
  9. WATER in Health:
    • Historical medical practices involving water (hydrotherapy)
    • Modern water-related health technologies and treatments
  10. WATER in Sport:
    • Water sports through history (rowing, swimming, etc.)
    • Sporting events related to water (Olympic swimming, sailing)
  11. WATER in the Body:
    • The importance of water in the human body
    • Hydration and its impact on health
  12. WATER for Measurement:
    • Historical water measurement tools and methods
    • Modern instruments for monitoring water quality and quantity
  13. WATER for Industry & Commerce:
    • Industrial water use throughout history
    • Water’s role in various industries (e.g., textile, manufacturing)
  14. WATER for Transport:
    • Maritime history and ships’ development
    • Waterways as transportation routes
  15. WATER for Power:
    • Historical water wheels and their significance
    • Water’s role in modern power generation (hydropower, tidal power, cooling systems)
  16. WATER in Shape, Growth & Form:
    • Water’s influence on landscapes and ecosystems
    • Hydrological cycles and their impact on Earth’s features
  17. WATER in Cleaning, Cutting & Cooling:
    • Water’s use in cleaning methods
    • Industrial cutting techniques using water
    • Cooling systems and their importance in various applications
  18. Water in Fire Fighting:
    • Historical firefighting methods involving water
    • Modern firefighting equipment and techniques
  19. WATER in Finance:
    • Historical water trade routes and their economic impact
    • Water as a commodity in financial markets
  20. WATER in Religion, Beliefs, Symbolism:
    • Spiritual and religious significance of water
    • Water-related symbols and rituals in different cultures
  21. WATER in Stories, Myths, Legends:
    • Folklore and myths involving water deities and creatures
    • Stories related to famous water bodies
  22. WATER in SPACE & terraforming:
    • Space exploration and water discovery on other celestial bodies
    • Terraforming projects and their use of water
  23. WATER in Art, Photography, Crafts, Film, Sculpt:
    • Water-themed artworks and photography
    • Water-related crafts and sculptures
  24. WATER in Literature, Poetry, Song:
    • Water-themed literature, poetry, and songs from different cultures
  25. WATER in Decay & Recycling through Rust & Rot:
    • The natural processes of decay and rusting
    • Water’s role in recycling and sustainability
  26. WATER in Politics, Law & Social Power:
    • Historical water rights and conflicts
    • Water-related policies and regulations

These exhibits provide a comprehensive exploration of water’s diverse roles and significance throughout history and across various fields of human endeavor.


Blueprint for WoW Exhibition

In tomorrow’s blueprint for the World of Water Collections  we want you to get close up and personal with the most useful and used liquid on Earth. Water.

Don’t Wait until you are thirsty.

If you want the future to be healthy, 3D-immersive, satisfying, realtime responsive, augmented, smart, on-request, in-tune, sustainable and affordable, come and see if your blueprint for the future matches ours. If it does, we need to work together and fast. Say hi.

We’re planning a goal.
We’re finding the team
To make sure all Water
Is healthy and clean.
No matter how far
Or how long we’ll be,
Every drop counts
From the rain
To the Sea.

The World’s first Water footprint centre was planned for the Malthouse in Newtown, Powys, but our bid for the property wasn’t the highest so we’re on the search for another site.

Have a look at the blueprints we’ve designed and if you know of another site that might be ideal, get in touch and we’ll go ‘look see’.

Part hologram. Part projected. Part luminous paint. Part exhibit. Part white paint & UV light. Part LED. Part Google Tiltbrush. Part Microsoft HoloLens. ALL … adding up to a Water Footprint calculation we need to consider.
13.1 WATER use in the Building Industry
3.0 Manipulation of WATER
6.0 WATER use in the Leisure Industry
9.0 WATER use in the Health Industry
16.0 WATER in Shape and Form
23.1 Water in Imaging
Malthouse main Entrance

The WoW Collections include all the exhibits our charity has used to communicate the need to keep the World’s water clean and our global water footprint lean. As we grow our population we need to make changes in water use so that everyone and all wildlife lives in a clean water environment.

Steel Roof Truss blueprint from 1936 (WoW Collections) ‘Blueprint for a Structural Engineer’ by The Birmingham Concrete Steel Company. (Erected 1936. New Foundry, Mary Ann Street, Birmingham.

You are already a member of this blue planet so ask yourself …

When just about to take stuff to your local recycling centre, do you figure out the best way it’s going to be re-purposed?

When looking to specify a steel roof truss or a timber one, do you start by considering the water  footprints of both?

When planning a new farm or industrial activity which is going to creates some sort of waste, do you start by working out whether that waste can be usefully used?

When buying items, do you check what sort of water footprint or carbon footprint they consumed to make or grow them?


With just one planet for all life, every part of it needs to fit into a cycle. The biggest cycle is the Water Cycle and we want everyone to join us in making sure the Water Cycle is fit for life’s many ways and that the global body of water stays fit for the health of all tomorrows.

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