A World Water Day message from Grant at WoW (World of Water)

A World Water Day message from Grant at WoW (World of Water)

How many of us give ‘Water’ a second thought let alone a first one?

The very liquid that allows us to live on this ‘Blue Planet’ is being ignored by too many of us. Those polluting it go one foul stage further – they dump on the future.

Today is ‘World Water Day’ (a UNESCO initiative – part of their “Water for Life” decade”) So today, many will talk about Water Privatisation as if such a vital part of this shared Planet can be in any form deemed as fully ‘Private’.

Today, those seeking to earn profit from Water will be manipulating populations, negotiating deals, signing water ‘rights’ and generally trying to work out ways to hold dominion over ‘Water’.

Tomorrow, those same people may be looking towards ‘air’ as their next profit centre.

Thankfully, water, and air, do not take too kindly to being ruled over in a physical manner but if we allow rule makers to allow the total bottling of the water cycle for example, who would spend their personal money buying it for the good of the Planet’s wildlife?

We all depend upon Water. We all depend upon Clean Water. Mankind has chosen to divide up land and trade in it, but water it harder to divide .. harder to contain in one place … harder to file away and possess.

The single most wonderful thing about water is that it is something we all share. The very same water is used by all life.

With a lot of co-operation (what’s that!), Water Issues could be used to bring a great unity of purpose to the people of this Planet.

Regardless of whether disparate ‘Countries’ wish to agree on all issues, there is one issue that we all need to agree upon. The World biomass (yup … that’s you, your pot plant and your kids goldfish too) needs the water of the World to be CLEAN.

No CLEAN Water – No LIFE!

Let those who wish to quibble over water as a commodity, drown themselves in countless agreements, as is the nature of business nowadays, but, let them NEVER be allowed to damage and ultimately destroy the very purity of water that makes this the ‘Blue Planet’ and the only home in the Galaxy we all have to live upon no matter what our race, creed, gender or politics.

Globally, we must all work to ensure a healthy future on a clean planet. There will probably always be some amongst us that wish to court conflict, but we must all seek out those with a conflict of interest over clean water – those keen to allow pollution – those happy to see destruction of habitats – those content to ignore the damage they do – those without love for tomorrow – those without care for the well being of Mother Earth.

It is a sad day when others trade tomorrow’s opportunities for today’s lucre.
It is a mad day if visionaries sit back and allow others to do this unchallenged.
It might be fatal if Rome burns a second time as we dance to the fiddle music”

World Clean Water Campaigner