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Tue, 12 Apr 2005, 11:58 – Grant of the HoBB
REPLY to John C. Jones

Books, Web sites, media, leaflets, posters, meetings, talks – all part of the mix. Do you know any great writers?

All best wishes

Grant of the HoBB
Tue, 12 Apr 2005, 11:54 – John C. Jones TO GRANT AND JAN

What about the idea of BOOKS, as suggested in my message of April 2nd?

Best Wishes.

Sat, 2 Apr 2005, 12:12 – John C. Jones TO GRANT AND JAN

Hello again gentlemen.

General standards of literacy are very low in the U.K. and people do not read or write as often as they might. Do you not think that our work would be a lot easier in many respects if THAT problem were also seriously tackled at the same time? Simple education paves the way for a wider knowledge of all aspects of life (perhaps), so people’s behaviour might alter drastically if they educated themselves a little through reading.

Perhaps you could publish some SIMPLE books on the subject of WATER, so that the public might also practise reading from them.

There again, perhaps you couldn’t. Please let us know. The suspense is killing me.

Best Wishes.

The one and only J.

Tue, 29 Mar 2005, 12:12 – John C. Jones REPLY TO JAN AND GRANT

Hello Jan, Grant and friends.

As we are all in favour of “good water for all”, perhaps you would like to give us your ideas on strategies which you think would lead to such a situation. Given that everyone in the world must surely be in favour of ALL action in this direction, how should we actually go about solving the problem on a world scale, even if we DO have the technology and the resources?

If we do NOT have them, how can we combine our ideas to overcome that aspect of the problem?

By combining our ideas here in this Forum, we can generate more useful debate on the subject of water and we can actually do something about improving its quality on a worldwide scale. As soon as we agree on a strategy, we can get on with the work, perhaps. What has prevented this from happening up until now?

I find your interest very encouraging. This topic should be high on the world’s agenda.



Sun, 27 Mar 2005, 11:48 – Grant of the HoBB
REPLY to John C. Jones

Drop by drop is the only way to educate a World that has been influenced, drop by drop, by too many ‘off track’ messages.

We are no longer ignorant of the harm we are doing to the environment.

Evidence exists everywhere to show where we are developing in an uncaring manner. People like Jan de Koning and Dr. Ed Ramsey (See below) are working to solve problems but we must all work to solve global problems, together.

I am a great devotee of ‘people power’ but all the people of the world need to work as ‘one’ on common interests. CLEAN WATER is a common interest as the world shares the very same water supply.

~~~~Grant of the HoBB~~~
~~~~ ~World of Water ~~~~

There is no plug at the bottom of the Sea to let out the dirty water, yet every day we wash muck off our lands into our shared sea.

There’s no new supply of ‘fresh clean water’ being delivered to planet Earth – we have to keep that which we have, “clean”.


Sun, 27 Mar 2005, 11:32 – Grant of the HoBB
REPLY to Jan de Koning

Marketing is always a “drip feed” process. Drop by drop the message gets around and those inventions that need to surface, will do.

Networking is always the best way of marketing, and often the most unexpected results can come from contacting strangers and making them friends.

You could say hello to Dr. Ed Ramsey of ‘Critical Solutions Technology Ltd. (CST) for his company is in the process of making many ripples around the World thanks to his device that detects potentially harmful pollutants in the World’s Water Supply.

All work to clean-up water is vital. We also need to adapt to better water-saving lifestyles and there are many manufacturing processes that need improving so that they do not produce pollutants.

The work needs to be done.

Water must remain clean to provide a habitat for water-life.

As all life depends on clean water, ‘Water-Life’ includes humans. This is the Natural Law we cannot ignore.

Thu, 24 Mar 2005, 13:55 – Jan de Koning

Folks thanks for all the reactions.
About the impurities in water in general.
We developed indeed a system to clean industrial wastewater without adding additional chemicals !.
This very simple and effective technology meets a lot of resistance from powerfull organisations and nobody can expect from us that we fight the world.
So we have to stick to our re-invented solar still and that in itself is already difficult enough to get on the market.


Thu, 24 Mar 2005, 12:12 – John C. Jones

How can we educate the world in this respect?


Wed, 23 Mar 2005, 08:54 – Grant of the HoBB

True John. There’s plenty of water about.

A lot of this water is made un-useable and un-drinkable.

“Water water everywhere but none of it I’d drink” This surreal concept of low quality and high quantity is becoming all too common. Most pollution takes place with the blessing of Companies and their shareholders for it would be a drain on profits to spend on the needed “clean-up” processes.

We all contribute to the problem, most, unknowingly. Those that willfully pollute, break the laws in many Countries but such criminals have to be caught early and by ‘early’, I mean during their school years.

Education is the key. We need to teach all to understand that “caring” is not an option, it is a requirement.

The topic of Water is the world’s largest one that cannot be swept under the carpet and needs to be tackled in a holistic, world-agreeing’ manner as we all share the same supply. It may be the first single topic that brings the world’s countries into an agreement that is logical to keep thus illogical and unlikely to be broken.

No country is ‘thick’. Only a Country that aims for short term gain at the expense of the environment would pollute. The products from such a Country could be blocked from trade if the World Community was strong enough to act-as-one over an issue so vital as this clean Water one.


Tue, 22 Mar 2005, 12:01 – John C. Jones REPLY TO GRANT AND TO JAN

It seems to me that the problem can be solved in one way only, and that is for humans to stop polluting water in the first place.

Only then can we go forward to the matter of supplying it to every living being that needs it. That seems actually to be the less difficult part of the problem to solve.

Let us have more ideas please.

Best Wishes,


P.S. Sat, 19 Mar 2005, 14:22 – Grant of the HoBB

And, Jan de Koning, if you can invent ways to stop impurities entering natural (clean) water supplies, this would be most welcome as the REAL Solutions needed for the planet are holistic ones.

It is wonderful to produce drinkable water for human consumption – it is magical to ensure the water environment is in a fully usable state for the entire water life of this Planet.

More best wishes to you and your team,



REPLY to Jan de Koning (Sat, 19 Mar 2005, 14:17 – Grant of the HoBB)

Jan, your Company, Zonnewater Ltd., only exists because there IS a problem. You have designed a way to de-salinate water but you have not designed a way to de-pollute it yet. I look forward to your next innovative solutions for your work is clearly moving in the right direction.

Thank you for your contribution to this web site. You may be interested in ensuring that information about your product is lodged with the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), Wales.

Best wishes from Grant


On Wed, 9 Mar 2005, 10:29 – Jan de Koning wrote:

There is no global water issue!

If there is sun and a water source (salt,brakish) plus some cheap and simple materials you can make pure fresh water ANYwhere.