Now, WoW is Aquaponics

The World of Water charity (WoW) is known for its blunt message, ‘Fight to keep the Earth healthy, and win the battle for Clean Water – it’s your main life-support system’. That message is being ignored by those who are killing Nature and those too weak in governing to end pollution.

Whilst our bodies fight to stay healthy every second, some people have minds that are so screwed up that they are killing the chance of a healthy future for all of us. But whilst our charity works to find and repair these faulty thinkers, we are also working on another state-of-emergency – feeding the growing World population.

When there is insufficient clean water for crops and for drinking, people will go to war to secure access to water. Though Mother Nature may evolve diseases to reduce the population in the future, many World cities are presently feeling the congestion of human growth and the lack of water. Some of these cities can’t function with ease and their transport, housing, sewage, energy and other life-quality systems are being tested to their limits.

When it comes to food supply, plans for city vertical aquaponic farms are springing up across the Planet as part of the energy and distribution solution, but are vertical farms the solution? Our charity aims to find out.

This planet is preparing itself for a much larger human population with more control over how it functions which includes how it feeds itself. Vertical Farms operate on both aquaponic and hydroponic systems. Both are soil-less and closed systems using mainly recycled water and introduced nutrients for fish and/or plants. At present, some nutrients used in these soil less systems are wild caught, some are farmed and some made inorganically.

If you are good at guessing the future based on the present, you can imagine that to make the most money, some farmers will be using the cheapest nutrients. Obviously, such food industrialists seem totally convinced that food created with the cheapest nutrients possible will provide humans with everything required for healthy body and mind growth. Are they right or do you think that the animals, plants or insects you eat need to gather their nutrients from the widest and most natural selection possible?

Whatever your thoughts, you need to consume clean water at all times, therefore your food needs to uptake its nutrients from unpolluted water.


World of Water gets to grips with Aquaponics.

World of Water’s Aquaponics Research Programme studies the Earth’s closed-system of food growth to design more efficient ways to farm.

You need to know where your next meal and next drink is coming from. If you already know, you have reached a personal ‘FOOD SECURITY’ – so long as you are totally sure of the food you are eating and the supply chain which gets it to your stomach.

However, take a trip around the World, or maybe through your own neighbourhood, and you’ll know this isn’t the case for everyone.

For many individuals, families and communities, clean water, along with clean food, is hard to find and this goes for a growing number of farmers too. The global picture of water use, especially in farming, is changing and it is heading for a single massive change.

Big business has realized we all need clean water to live so they are eager to grab it first and then, sell it to us. I am sure that if they had a way to herd all the clouds into one big bottling plant, they would do it because they are already sucking out the aquifers from under our feet and bottling it. The knock-on effect is ever drier fields and land no longer able to grow food. And who is buying all this bottled water (?) – the ever growing population of consumers.

This results in the slow erosion of Nature’s way and everyone contributing to it has ‘blood’ on their hands. It’s time. Time to realize that we don’t yet know enough about Nature to take on the big business of its balancing role ourselves. Once we all agree that we still lack this total understanding, we can look more honestly at the damage we continue to create, grasp the gravity of our actions as they effect the entire planet’s Eco-system, and collectively work with Nature to develop ever better ways to do what we humans wish to do but in harmony with our home planet. It is this goal of achieving and holding harmony that everyone must focus upon so that life becomes more comfortable for our existing generation, and possible for future generations of people and wildlife.

If we had the technology to move around the Universe to any new unpolluted planet, we would probably return to our old ways, namely, creating a settlement on one planet, fouling it, moving to another every so often and leaving the land to recover. However, we can’t foul our land and ocean and move away from it nowadays as each country has to exist in it’s own mess or use some political or financial clout to export it.

Once upon a time, countries could take their rubbish out to sea and under the legal cover of international dumping agreements, or off-record, ditch their waste into the ocean in the hope that once it sank it would be out of sight and out of mind. Though some of these careless disposal methods continue to this day, reporters can now photograph floating plastic debris, surveyors can avoid houses built on landfill sites and our spacecraft can be guided around the tons of rubbish littering space.

We know what we are like as a species; we know we must recycle in every possible way, yet some of our neighbours continue to pollute this planet, daily – and all pollution goes round and ends up in our water.

The more we pollute our water, the less clean water there will be for healthy farm use. The best option is to keep all water clean but whilst we learn to do this we need to care for our present clean water stock and use it more wisely and sparingly. Aquaponics achieves much of this by cleaning and recycling water as crops grow.

Who will gain from the results of our aquaponics programme?

Everyone keen to grow more crops, in less space and using less water. We hope this leads to greater food security, tastier food and fresher food.

Some groups may grow surplus food, selling or exchanging it to support other ventures.

Visitors will get to understand more about sustainable local food production which in turn can drive greater self determination.

All will get to know which Aquaponic systems failed and which worked for us.

Some families may grow closer together as aquaponics merges high and low tech. farming methods.

Those eager to build a new life for themselves and grow their own food may experience a boost to their self confidence.

Farmers experiencing water shortages will look with great interest at our low water use.

Taste buds will experience the difference of fresh-picked fresh-cooked foods by cooking with our kudo, outdoor grill and pizza oven.

Others interested in Aquaponics research may be able to use some of our facilities to test-bed their ideas.

The World of Water Aquaponics program could be replicated in other places to create sustainable food and revenue for small entrepreneurs?

Internationally, those suffering a reduction in their supplies of fresh water will learn more from our food growing findings.

All students staying at the WoW Field Centre will gain hands-on experience of Aquaponic / Hydroponic / Aeroponic culture.

Schools and other organizations could benefit from gaining greater knowledge of plant growth.


Tomorrow, we all have to live with the future we seed today.


Stay with the WoW team and do the best you can … and then a bit more please.